Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Mothers Day Debacle

Ok i wasn't going to post this cuz its too bad, but what the heck. its also pretty amusing.

So on mothers day i tried to go home. The thing about my flight priviledges is that if the flight is booked, i can't get on. So i checked the flights and getting to new orleans was no problem. getting back was the issue. there was at least one leg that was booked solid. Any other day i might have tried it, but this day...no way. i HAD to be back on monday for a test prep thing for my 5 month exam on tuesday.

So i decided to stay home and not risk it. Not liking the idea of sitting around all day sunday, i started surfing to see who was playing baseball. i could easily get to cleveland, detroit, any of those teams and get back..providing flights were open. they weren't playing, but the diamondbacks were. we have about 10 non-stops/day back and forth to arizona, and flights were wide open. so i thought, what the hey.

I got up the next day, drove to the airport early, called my mom to wish her happy mothers day, (her present to come later) and took off for arizona. i get there, almost 4 hrs later, just in time for the game. i take a bus to the park which isn't far from the airport, get my ticket, and sit down in my seat. I called my mom to tell her what i was doing because, i did feel a tad guilty even though there was no reason too. i felt like if i couldn't see my mom i should be at home doing nothing.

i thought she would understand..but then she told me that she was upset that i could go to arizona, but i couldn't come see her. ouch. i felt horrible. i told her i felt bad and she says "well, you should!!" then she said "jeremy, go watch ur game, ill talk to ya later." this isn't good. then she said she wasn't mad, then we hung up. of course im just riddled with guilt. theres no way i could sit and enjoy a baseball game with this guilt. soo...i did what no other human being would do.

I left. i got up, walked out of the ballpark, and WALKED all the way back to the airport, a good 5 miles in the desert. i left a message on my moms phone to tell her how sorry i was. i had just upset my mom on mothers day.

after i get to the airport i realized i had a missed call, and it was my mom. she left a message and this is somewhat how it went:

"Jeremy, that is the most ridiculous thing i'd ever heard. If you get this in time you better get back to that ballgame!! I'm not mad!!!"

I called back, said it was already too late. She kind of harrassed me for being such a softy.

But it all worked out. The lady who got me this job with southwest, who used to work in ticketing in new orleans, who now just went inflight, actually was working my flight back to chicago, now that i was taking an earlier flight back home. it was good to see her and it didn't feel like that much of a wasted trip. Oh well.

Next time my mom needs to make sure I know that shes not mad. Who knows what i'll do.

Sorry MOM! Happy Mothers day!!!


kenny said...

Your mom's right. You are a softy!

JonGrubbs said...

Debacle?! C'mon, Poindexter let's get it together for Nanner's big day! I had more faith in you. Just don't screw it up for Teddy's big one, too! When you coming to my town again?

Grubbsy out.