Saturday, May 28, 2005

She Bangs! She Bangs!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr William Hung

I’ll admit, I’m a bit embarrassed about this celebrity sighting. I feel like I’m just adding to it. But I’m just looking out for myself, cuz this could get me in the next issue of Luvlines, our newsletter. They publish pics of flight attendants with celebrities.

I first spotted him, not exactly sure if that was him. But as I’m standing there in the middle of the plane during boarding, passengers around started commenting and said that it was him. I told my co-worker, also named Jeremy, and he didn’t believe me. He didn’t think it was him. I think he looked a little too fat. But as I’m in the back with Rico, lo and behold he and his dad come back and he goes to the bathroom. Rico was like “Yup, that’s him no doubt.” We ask his dad if he would mind taking a picture with us, and he said he wouldn’t mind. So later in the flight, after everything is done, I walk up to Mr. Hung, and ask if he’d mind. He says that we need to come to him, in the middle of the plane. WHAT? What are we supposed to do, sit in his lap? Is he too much of a celebrity to walk to the back of the plane for a simple picture? I mean if he doesn’t want to take one then fine. Won’t ruin my day, but geez, to make us come to him. I’m not sure he understood that that would attract more attention. But I told him we couldn’t do that, and he agreed to come to the back of the plane.

So there ya have it. My first “Celebrity” sighting. I’ll admit, I’m hopin’ for better. I’ve seen other pics with people such as Cal Ripken, Jr.

But I guess I have to start from the bottom, right?



Tidmore said...

Oh Baby When She Moves, I go Crazy!!!!

Thats the greatest thing ever, you met William Hung! Star of such Hong Kong films as Mamma's Boy! Way to go I'm excitd for you, you finally got to met your Idol!

Brown Sugar said...

just day shea or grubbs....or both will be famous and you can take all the pictures you want and you will be on that, seriously.....anyway, when will we all gonna get together in california...i'm assuming that's where a roommate get together would be......or maybe washington...who knows.....maybe we need to hurry up and get married(to others) and so it will be a family get together..that would be cool...but i'm not getting anywhere with that.

Tidmore said...

Well considering two of the four of us will be living in Cali that sounds like a good place to have a roomate reunion. Plus you can't beat the beach, Disney land, Universal, and all the rest of the fun in California

I'll be moving there in August so start planning something!

Kate said...

Hmmm...I think he knew that the middle of the plane pic would create more don't get 20 min out of your 15 min by going to the back of the plane to be honored...