Friday, May 13, 2005

Too Many Options

Ok so if you don't know me, I'm one of those people who, whether I admit it or not, is always looking for the perfect place to live. I am fully aware that the perfect place doesn't exist...its figmant of imaginations. Everywhere you go, theres going to be something you don't like about it. Kristi just recently sent me a website that asks you about all your preferences and then lists the top 24 places you should live. I'm definitely a mountain/cold/outdoorsy kind of guy, so i really wasn't surprised to see my list. Here it is:

1 anchorage, alaska
2 spokane, washington
3 tacoma, wa
4 fort collins, co
5 provo-orem, utah
6 kent, wa
7 olympa, wa
8 ogden, ut
9 idaho falls, id
10 ketchikan, alaska (i've actually been there...kinda)
11 albany, ny
12 bellingham, wa
13 seattle, wa
14 seward, alaska
15 duluth, minnesota
16 harrisburg, pa (random, i know)
17 grand rapids, michigan
18 leavenworth, wa
19 asheville, nc
20 roanoke, va
21 carlisle, pa
22 ann arbor, michigan
23 salt lake city, ut
24 they didn't give me a 24 for some reason. but i'm gonna go with portland, or. :)

so as you see, they think i should move to washington. doesn't really matter where, but to washington.

Now heres the problem...I've been blessed to have a job where most of these are completely possible. i could move in a week to 80% of these places and make it work with the job. (some may take a little more work than others) but will i be just searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? will it be a fruitless search for the perfect place that doesn't exist?? should i just throw it all to the wind and move to...*cough *gag *vomit...dallas and my pals? or is it just a matter of time before everyone there goes they're seperate ways anyways? should i find the place i really enjoy and re-settle myself?

its almost like it would be easier just to not have an option.

to get your own list, heres the sit:



Shea said...

I did the quiz and Abilene came up as the 3rd choice.... kinda scary

J-Wild said...

Hey Man:

Spokane is in the middle of the desert. You definately want to go with Eastern Washington. Seattle is the best of both worlds. Urban yet right on the edge of the wilderness.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, so the quiz wasn't supposed to cause a life crisis... it was just fun.

But, I do have 2 things to say:
1) You're not allowed to leave Chicago until I can come and go to Wrigley Field
2)Dallas... you're kidding, right?

The Jerm said...

by the way, spokane is NOT in the middle of the desert. i've overnighted there...its gorgeous. and i think i've decided i don't want to settle down in a huge metropolis.

The Jerm said...

oh, and shea, i'm real interested to see what you put as your preferences to come up with abilene!!

Malaysian Debster said...

Haha...for some strange reason Josue had Abilene come up on his list too! =)

BSC said...

Damn, Cleveland is #1 for me
2 - Pittsburgh
3 - Detroit
4 - Carlisle, PN
5 - Anchorage
6 - Minneapolis/St. Paul
19 - Salt Lake City

So, I live in my 19th choice.

Anonymous said...

Jerm, mom and I did the survey and mom's number 3 was Ketchikan and my third was Hattiesburg. Yikes! So I guess you'll have to let mom park a trailer in your backyard there and I'll send postcards from Southern Miss.

Tidmore said...

My top spots:
1) Knoxville, Tenn (Seriously Knoxville?)
2) Cincinnati, Ohio
3) Long Island, NY
4) Charleston, SC
5) Carlisle, Penn
6) Nashville, Tenn

I feel so ashamed.

The Future said...

Ketchikan totally rocks all!!! That was my favorite place to visit in Alaska, so beautiful up there. Only problem- there's like nothing there (but that could be cool!)