Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I'm a Bad Mamma Jamma

Run around, scrape your knees, get dirty....climb trees, hop fences, GET INTO TROUBLE for cryin' out loud...not too much, but some.
-The Sandlot

I went to a wedding this past memorial day, and during the rehearsal dinner, they asked around for stories about the bride and groom. There were a plethera of people who began to stand up, and tell stories. Not surprisingly, most of them were about them getting into trouble.

Lets all be honest, being in a little trouble is good for you. It keeps things a interesting. If your curious, inquisitive, sometimes trouble ensues. And man does it make good stories.

I've been in my share of trouble. I'm not talking about being malicious to anyone, that doesn't do anyone any good. I was a brat when I was younger...I smarted off all the time (some things never change) but in high school I'd go to detention. I went to a all-boy catholic school, and i got in trouble for reflecting light off my watch around the chapel out of boredom. Next thing i knew i was being scolded outside and being sent to detention. I had to go for not turning in my baseball uniform in time (lame, i know), for talking too much in class.

I've run into my friends car...with that friend in my car.

I've had the cops called on me for shooting fireworks into a neighbors yard after i'd been yelled at by the neighbor.

I've been kicked out of wal-mart.

I've been busted shooting at a nieghbors mailbox.

Theres tons of others.

It keeps ya on your toes.

This past 5 months i've been on probation at southwest. Its basically a period of time where they have the opportunity to fire you for doing things you shouldn't. Once your off probation, which lasts 6 months, your covered by the union, and its really difficult to get fired...supposedly. during my 5 months, i've been perfect. never been late. never been written up, nothing.

I went to the White Sox game last night. at about 9:30 I called scheduling to see if they'd given me a trip yet for the next morning. Sure enough, they had, and my check-in would be at 5:30am....pretty early, and i was prepared to not get much sleep. I got home at 11, was in bed by 11:30, asleep by 12, with both alarms set for 3:45 (alarm clock and cell phone).

5:24 stares me in the face. I sit up, start thinking....DANG! I check my alarm had been turned off...check my cell says "missed alarm"

I call scheduling, tell them that i slept through 2 alarms (even though i have no recollection of either going off) and i was supposed to be there in 6 minutes.

He tells me he can give me an MBL (might be late) if i could get to the airport and to the gate within 15 minutes of our push time...which gave me 45 minutes to get to the airport. "not a chance" i said. its a 20-30 minute drive without traffic. not to mention i was still lying in bed.

apparently i had turned my alarms off in my sleep. as i thought about it, i did vaugely remember getting annoyed at the noise and turning them off...but it was like a dream.

So he gave me a no show. on probation we're allotted 2 pts. MBL's are 1/2 pt. if we go over, we're in trouble. a no show is worth 2 1/2 pts. oops.

i went back to sleep, got up, called my supervisor, told her what happened, and i was told to fill out an irregularity report, and see her in her office.

I have a very good rep with my sup. i always stop by to say hi. so i go in, sat down with her, explained what happened, we joked, laughed, she said this stuff happens all the time. Luckily I had a good letter a co-worker had written for me that i found out never made it into my file. so i gave it to her at the right time to help smooth it over. Except now i can't do anything wrong. I've got 1 mth to go before i'm off probation, and i've got to be perfect. No MbL's, no UTC (unable to contact) no noshows, and no bad reports. the pressure is on and its my time to shine.

Hey, I could go through probation and do NOTHING wrong. But whats the fun in that. At least i made it a good one. :)



Brown Sugar said...

jeremy, don't forget about getting kicked out of various playing fields and have people threaten to call the cops...i wonder if he really did....he was pretty mad....anyway, good luck on haveing a perfect month....surely your subconscience will not allow you to keep sleeping when it hears and can do it...your an adult now...haha

LG said...

good thing that one place you worked didn't count up all the time you spent sending out personal emails!

surely you can be good for another month. good story:)

Tidmore said...

Just a tip I learned when we were roomates, don't sit your alarm anywhere near your bed. Make sure you have to get up and actually move to turn it off! I had my alarm next to my head the first couple of weeks we roomed together freshman year and I missed a whole lot of class, in fact one morning I woke up and it was like 10:30 and I had a 9 & 10 class I had missed.

Or just get yourself one of these:

Tidmore said...


The Juice said...

tidmore, yes i did take it off, and yes your blog template still drives me crazy. it'll drive me nuts as long as you use xanga or live journal or whatever. cmon man! your killin me!! once you fix it it will go back up.