Monday, June 20, 2005

I'm an Old man!!!

So I've descovered that I'm somewhat of a purist. After reading an article on instant replay, I've come to accept that an extent.

-Baseball should not use instant replay. Think of what we would miss. Imagine how boring it would become to watch Lou Pinella. And lets face it. YOU like the controversy. YOU like the scandal. It's human error. its part of the game. Not to mention how slow the game would go.

-I think baseball should go back to wearing those sweet old school uniforms. The ones where you tuck your pants into your socks. Where they were baggy, where names weren't used on the backs of the uniforms.

-Wooden bats should be used at all levels of baseball...from tee-ball on up.

-Parks should be built smaller. Wrigley and Fenway were popular for a reason. They're small, friendly, and they always filled up. Parks are built too big these days.

-I like small ball. I like defense.

-Dunks in basketball are boring. I'd take a sweet move for a layup anyday over a dunk.

-Pistol Peete is top 5 greatest basketball player ever. The man had moves. He revolutionized the game. Where would the suns be without steve nash?

-I'd much rather have a team that acts like a team, rather than a team that had 1 or 2 stars. (see L.A. Lakers)

-Lets get rid of silly dot/sausage/pizza races between innings. (Thats sports marketing you say? Find me one person that goes to the game to watch the dot races)

-I like smash-mouth defensive-grind it out football. Tell the Rams to get a life and the Saints to get some linebackers.

So there ya have it. What? Whats that you say? You say all this is boring? Well if you had have a brain and if you got your face out of the 92 ounce miller light to take the time to actually see whats going on instead of being amused by cheap entertainment (hockey anyone?) then maybe you'll understand.



BSC said...

I agree 100% on the high socks/pants. It looks good, more athletic than the baggy pants they wear now. I just get angry when I see Bonds' pants, all baggy with the bottoms hanging over the back of his shoes. Looks crappy.

The Future said...

I agree with most of this. I think instant replay is dumb in baseball. The game doesn't move fast enough already. Any umpire should be able to see a call, they know exactly where to look.

I disagree with wooden bats. Why?!?!? There's no point. Metal bats are used in everything except maybe TBall and MLB.