Thursday, June 09, 2005

Not in my House

Torii Hunter- The Epitome of Good Defense

“I'd rather save a home run than hit one. I've always been like that. Defense is what I pride myself on."

-Torii Hunter

A few weeks ago I’m playing center field, my position of choice, in my city softball league. I’m still trying to prove myself as an undersized kid who doesn’t hit with a lot of pop, so I gotta’ get it done in the field. So there I am, when a ball is squeezed through the hole between second and shortstop. As I charge, I hear yells from my teammates that the guy is going for two.


I come up throwing. It’s a laser to second, right where I want it, the guy is toast. GONE. GO HOME.

My team picked me up off of the league message board. I’d never met them. I was a bit nervous. In my first game it showed. I was rusty. I misplayed a couple fly balls. I had started in Left-Center, and I ended up in right. I promised that I was usually better than this. But words would do no good. I’d have to prove it.

I played right the next game, and no balls were hit to me. The third game we were short people, so I was put back in left-center. I had a good game, snagging a few fly balls.

Two days ago, Tuesday night, we had another game. I’m back in left-center. I’d proven that I was a decent outfielder, catching the balls that I should catch, and even a couple tough ones.

Another ball is hit on the ground, it’s got eyes and it finds its way onto the grass in the outfield. I charge in again, and seconds before I grab it, I hear from the guys that we’ve got a guy going for third.

Poor sucker.

Again I come up throwing, firing a missile that hits the third baseman in the chest. The tag gets down. TAKE A SEAT, MUCHACHO!

It’s all becoming routine. At the end of the game my teammate tells me: “Man, that first game you really struggled out there in the outfield…but now your just makin’ it look easy!”

Not to mention my bat came alive that game, with a 2-run triple.

Watch yo back, Mr Hunter. Watch yo back.



The Future said...

You're putting the "action" in actionjackson!

Now you can come teach us how to catch next sunday.

JonGrubbs said...

I'll just have to remain content with doing what I do best. Sitting on the sidebar stats board with my 3.32 Earned Run Average.

I love the feeling of the to my foot, my foot, on the pitcher's mound.

Sicko. You're probably thinking about balls now, aren't you?

Jeez, get it together, Poindexter.

Anonymous said...

I think you were inspired by the Luckiest Man! Way to go. You've come a long way since tripping on a root.
Your(I taught him everything he knows) Dad

Shea said...

...I'd just like to apologize for the above statement made by my husband....

Congrats Jeremy on getting back in the game!

kenny said...

Man JJ, you're really making me miss playing baseball...

Perry said...

Hey Jerm, this is Perry. Momma said knock you out. Booyah grandma, booyah.