Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Why? I mean cmon. Every time i jump on my stinkin' bike, I'm ridin' against the wind.

It hates me. Out to the lakefront, I take off downtown, and its a trek. I'm panting, tired, cuz that wind is just a whippin' me in the face. I'm thinkin, "at least on the way back it won't be so bad. I'll have the wind helpin' me out.

Unfortunately the wind hates me. On the way back, again, its in my face.


Last night I had to ride my bike to my softball game, I was in a hurry so i was peddling my little heart out against the wind.

After the game, which we hammered the first place team by 10 runs, i had to get back quick to go to bed,and AGAIN i'm against the wind.

I just don't get it. Why does the weather hate me? Why must this world make it so hard on me? Always struggling I am. Bent down, hair sticking straight up, fighting, fighting fighting, peddling peddling, peddling against that unforgiving wind. It never ends.

Or maybe its just that I'm riding so FREAKING FAST!!!!


The Future said...

I doubt you're going that fast. I bet Guillermo could beat you off the line...

The Juice said...

yeah right. i'd run that sissy r/t off the road!!

BSC said...

Perhaps Mother Nature is jealous that you met William Hung.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, I've got the answer!
For years I struggled with this same phenomenon on my bike. Everywhere I rode, to Madisonville, back to Covington, the wind was in my face. It was only when I got serious about sailing did I begin to understand the concept of "apparent wind." And yes, you are partially right about riding so darn fast. The speed at which you are riding is being added to and factored into the angle at which the wind is blowing. Example: if the wind is blowing at a 90 degree angle to your bike direction at 10 mph and you're riding at 10 mph, the wind will feel like it's blowing at 45 degree angle, thus feeling like it's blowing into your face. The only time you will feel that the wind is at your back is when it truly is a tail wind and it is blowing faster than you and the bike are traveling. At that point you have to subtract your forward speed from the true wind speed, which would hardly feel like a tail wind at all.
Either way, you're right. It's because you're riding so fast.

The Juice said...

ok so i didn't quite understand what you said...cept for the last part when you said i was riding so fast. that i understand!

griz9 said...

Maybe it's a Chicago thing. I don't notice a huge headwind at all using my mountain bike as it was intended off the road and on trails in the woods. Time to get off the pavement.