Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Face of Deceit

The string of hate rolls on.

I don’t mean to, but this is something that does truly bother me and I don’t understand it and its JUST NOT RIGHT.

I was sitting in front of the T.V. with Zach the other day, watching espn as usual, and he was complaining about the lack of quality sports we get to watch. Included in one of these lacking sports was Texas Hold’m.

I never got into the craze. I don’t understand it. I mean I understand the game and all and I’ve watched it a couple of times but CMON we’ve gone overboard. They show that mess 50 times a day.

Anyways, it’s not that game that really bothers me, its them sorry suckers that wear the shades. Isn’t that the equivalent of corking your bat or taking steroids? What if when the offense lines up in football, they lined up backwards and when they hiked it, then and ONLY THEN could they turn around to see what the defense was puttin’ up? (ok, maybe that’s a stretch but I’m doin my best here)

But for serious, back in the olden times, guy sat in saloons trying to take advantage of each other in poker, and the key was to read the other guy to try to figure out what he had in his hand by strictly lookin at his facial expressions. It was a skill, and guys who were good at it were good at poker. It’s like Peyton Manning’s uncanny ability to read the opposing defense before he even hikes the ball.

It’s part of the game and these chumps are cheating and no one seems to care! Either make them play right or take’m off the air and don’t let them play at all.



kentbrantly said...

i don't really have much to say about this post - you make a good point. i just wanted to congratulate you on your approach to 12,000 visits to your blog. you're huge!

kenny said...

It's only cheating if it isn't allowed... and it's allowed. There are also lots of ways to read opposing players - not just their eyes...

The Juice said...

thats what i'm saying. it shouldn't be allowed. and its like baseball saying andro is allowed.

sure theres tons of ways to read people, but you can read a man's soul through the eyes. Plus its the hardest to bluff. Thats why chumps choose to wear sunglasses. I mean tons of people can keep a straight face, but its always the eyes that give it away.

kenny said...

I hear ya. A poker player who wins w/o shades is a better poker player who wins with shades. But you can't call it cheating if it's allowed by the game's governing body. It's allowed and it's legal.

Brown Sugar said...

hey jerm...before you go pimp slap kenny for making the same point twice, i too would like to congratulate you on your huge 12,000 visits......but i would like to laugh at you cause i put my counter on my blog only about a month ago and i'm almost at 20,000...i dont' know how..but i must be huge..i bet it's all single women too.