Friday, July 15, 2005

It's True!

So the past 4 days I've been working with some really cool people, and when we fly together we like to swap stories. Well just yesterday I think I've heard the funniest of them all.

Sometimes we have people who bring animals on the plane. The rule is that they have to be a service animal, and even then certain animals are not allowed, such as snakes and horses. Just yesterday I had a lady sit in the front seat with a beautiful black lab named jet, which was cool to have for a 4 hour flight. He just laid there on the floor for 4 hrs, and she let us pet him and play with him and his little chew toy.

Anyways, my friend Sue was telling me that once she had a guy bring a monkey. Sure, they're allowed sometimes, and as she recalls, the monkey did NO good whatsoever. She was convinced that the guy had lied about him being a service animal just to get him in the cabin. But I think we're all kinda glad he got to come on.

There was a girl Sue was working with that she didn't like. Apparently she was rude and mean or whatever. But she decided she would go up to the guy with the monkey and maybe say hi or play with him for a few minutes. As Sue looked on, the flight attendant walked up to the monkey, kinda got up in its face like you would a baby (goochy goochy goo!) and looked at the monkey, smiling. The monkey looked back, and in a split second rared its hand back, and slapped the flight attendant across the face!!!

When she told me this i almost fell on the floor laughing. I think the only thing better would have been if the monkey threw its own poop at her. hahaha!!!


The Future said...


Yeah, when could a monkey be considered a service animal?

The Juice said...

they help people who can't get around. the get stuff like toilet paper for them when they're stuck on the pot. there was one in new york that attacked somebody.hhahaha