Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Go Ahead, Hate Me

Disclaimer: This post was not directed to any individual, but as an epidemic that faces our nation as a whole...

Ok kids, before you think I'm too good of a person after that last post, It's time to ruffle some feathers...

Today in the USA Today I was reading an arcticle about the most obese states in the Nation. And it quickely confirms something that has really bothered me, especially since I've been working for an airline.

Long story short, 4 of the top 5 most obese states were Louisiana (surprise surprise), Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama, states that are pretty much notorious for good ole' "stuff my face with soul food and sit on my couch and watch football" living.

Don't get me wrong, I love southern cooking. I love football. I love sitting on the couch.

But PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE, there comes a time when the sunshine calls your name and you've got to go out and enjoy it!!!!

I hate diets. I don't think it works. I think its a scam. That stomach reduction thingamabobber is beyond ludicris.

It's a problem when you're complaining about being overweight and not being able to lose weight when your sitting on your couch watching tv and stuffing your face with cheetos or whatever fancies your tastebuds.

"But Jeremy you're just biased because you have a metabolism like a tree stump grinder and you can eat whatever you want and do whatever you want and not gain any weight."

People. I'm also an avid outdoorsman and I'd sooner take my bike out or go play tackle football than catch the next episode of The Bachelor while eating a pint of ben and jerry's.

What does this have to do with me working for an airline, you ask?

I see people everday. hundreds of people. Maybe thousands of people. And I see obese people try to pass it off as an illness. This is the problem I have. They want concessions. They want things done for them as if they were a cripple. You're not a cripple. This is self-inflicted.

Not too long ago a lady tried to sue Southwest for making her buy an extra seat because she was too big. Give me a break. You take up 2 seats, you buy 2 seats. We're even nice enough to refund you that second seat if the flights not full. What, should we have a fat person section??

Some people are what you call "big boned." Naturally, your thicker than most. This is fine. No problem with that.

So I'm not surprised to see Southern States top the list. You know what state is at the bottom? Colorado. Montana is down there. Why? Because they ski, they hike, they go to the park, they're proud of they're parks, they enjoy the outdoors. I mean am I the only one that sees this? "I FEEL LIKE I'M TAKING CRAZY PILLS!!" The studies confirms it!




Malaysian Debster said...

You preach on, brother. =)

By the way, you've been tagged. Top 10 jobs you'd hate to do. Enjoy.

Brown Sugar said...

i totally agree with you sickens me how fat people can get and then live miserably. A couple months ago, I went to whataburger for lunch and i saw the most discusting thing....this enormous fat lady was sitting at one of the tables...she was bitter and snappy, and she had an oxygen tank all strung to her nose. her daughter or some lady had to order her food cause she was probably winded from walking inside....then she gets this huge double meat double cheese stuff with fries and a coke....i wanted to slap both her and her daughter...she can hardly walk, hardly breath, and she weighs upwards of 600 lbs, and she's ordering the biggest thing on the menu.......anyway, i'm sure there is a lot about obesity that i dont' understand, but i know if people in one state can have thin people, surely us southern states can too....but we'd rather drink beer, watch nascar, be fat and happy in the stands rather than take part in the action.

The Future said...

Actually, diets work. But it's not the diet that's actually working, it's the change of lifestyle. This includes exercise and a willpower to get the job done- something most americans have forgotten about.

I thought Wisconsin had all the fat people- what gives?

BSC said...

Personally, I could give a s*** if someone wants to eat themselves into oblivion - just so long as they don't take up the handicap parking spaces, or hit me with their Fatmobiles at the grocery store.

Matt Pinson said...

What drives me crazy is listening to people complain about being overweight while they ride the elevator to the second floor with a coke and m&m's.

Anonymous said...

What bothers me are the thin people complaining about fat people. What's it matter to you skinny biggots! Think you can laugh at people's weaknesses and still worship your god.

BSC said...

There there, have a ding dong and relax.

Brown Sugar said...

Way to go Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous....Way to speak up and talk against how much we are just laughing away at fat people...oh..and my story about a fat lady at whataburger was all a big fat joke....i'm sure people were laughing their face off.....Way to really understand the point of this are my hero.

Anonymous said...

Actually, sometimes obesity is an illness, Jeremy. MANY MANY people have problems with their thyroids or other organs that cause them to be obese, no matter what they do. I feel for those people. For the other people, the ones that eat themselves fat and want people to feel sorry for them...I don't feel sorry for them.

jch said...

Jeremy, have your parents evacuated? Fill us in already.

Anonymous said...

Who wants to read about Jeremy's Parents going to the bathroom? Gross.