Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hey its somethin'

I just finally got in contact with some family. I called my aunt in Brookhaven, MS, with whom my mom is staying, and she finally answered instead of getting that "all circuits are busy" message. She said they're fine, no water, no electricity, they're hot and they stink. Apparently the insanity has spread, since my uncle was going down to board up my aunt's jewelry store b/c people had tried to loot it.

My mom wasn't there, so had gone to my other aunts house b/c apparently she had electricity, so i havn't talked to her, but they are fine. She talked to my dad who has made it to LaPlace, La (part of the journey was apparently made by row boat) and met up with a fellow photographer of his, and he's gonna stay there.

My aunt said that if theres no electricity by tomorrow, they're gonna head up to madison, Ms. to another family members house where apparently they do have electricity. So so far so good.

No news about the Boat yet.



Anonymous said...


I was trying to find your number so I could call you to findout how things were going and if your family was ok. Glad to hear they made it out ok.


kentbrantly said...

i'm glad to hear all is ok in the Jackson family. keep posting updates.