Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I've been compromised!!!

Yesterday I usual...visited my blog to view recent comments. If you think I don't read those comments you're a fool.

Sweet, 3 comments.

I clicked to view them, and...what of the comments was i think a full page long, something about a stock that was at a low price and that I should buy.

I couldn't believe that I'd been spammed on my very own personal blog. Who allowed this? How could this be? I mean I made fun of Debbie in her Malaysian Treehouse because she got it before I did, but does that mean that I got what I deserved?? I THINK NOT!! I mean this guy posted a full page!!

Usually you can go in and delete comments, which I've tried to do, but for some reason its not reasoning with me. I feel like i should write in a comment and complain.

But alas, maybe this whole blogging adventure was just a matter of time before blogspot was compromised. Maybe its time to hang up my blogging hat...

or not. I feel like we can beat this together. With our forces combined.....

So, after much thought and contemplation, I decided not to buy.


ps. after posting this comment, i realized that I could now delete that said comment. However, I'm leaving it up as an example of what we're up against.


LoriLoo310 said...

I too have been invaded several times. I may have to take the "annonymous bloggers allowed" off my comments.

Malaysian Debster said...

That's what you get, Jerm. Pay back is a punk, huh? Seriously, I deleted all of mine cause I got tired of seeing them, and so far I've gone for days being spam free. It's really irritating.

kentbrantly said...

i, too, got hit by a can of spam this week. disappointing to say the least.
sorry it is taking me so long to get that post written. but eventually, it will happen... maybe this weekend. did you get your picture yet? just got mine today. not the best pic in the world, but pretty cool nonetheless.
peace - kpb

BSC said...

Blocking the anonymous ones won't do a whole lot to stop them. A lot of them just register names and post away. It's an uphill fight, folks.

tjmccloud said...

yeah i got jacked too- i got seven posts in one message in one hour once... craziness. Im calling my congressman...

Timmy said...

Everybody should feel lucky here State-side. Europeans receive a new breed of spam, Mobile Spam! Yup… Over 80% of European mobile users receive Spam text messages on their mobile phones. Not only will you be welcomed with "Lose Weight Now!" message on your phone when you check your inbox, but that piece of junk might've just cost you 10¢ if you don't include text messaging within your mobile service…!!

laura said...

oh timmy, the plague has spread to the states too. i have gotten TWO spam text messages on my phone. too bad it COSTS me to RECEIVE THEM.

tjmccloud said...

JJ- NOTICE; You have been tapped to give us a little view into what is in the Juice's ipod these days. Brandon tapped me and I tapped you. so there.

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