Monday, August 08, 2005

"Keep the Noles!" Another Rant.

Man its been a few days, right?

So I was sitting in the Sacramento Hotel Restaurant, having breakfast and reading the paper, and I read a small write up about how the Gov'ment is stiffing up they're restrictions on Native American mascots.

And heres how I feel about it.

I'm a fan of the Native American. I think they had a right to this land that we unfairly ripped out of they're hands, when really all they wanted was peace. We could stay on they're land, just leave them alone. But we decided to slaughter them.


Keep the names! I really don't understand why everyone is so uptight and sensitive these days. Whats the deal? We're using the names in terms of a "fierce warrior"..which they were! Why is that so degrading? I'm sure you're saying to yourself right now...'yeah, what if people started calling they're team names "honkeys? would you be offended by that?'

Well that doesnt really matter these days since the white man is the only race you can get away with making fun of. Another thing I don't understand. Don't mention anything about blacks, or else you're in deep doo doo. Sure we did them wrong. Sure we did the Native Americans wrong. No one denies that. But why can't we just let it go. Is it revenge?? If so, then we should just let the british back over here to beat us up a little bit for kickin' they're tails in the Revolution. And we'll just sit back and take it because...after all...we did them wrong back then.


Anyway, back to the mascots.

Last I checked teams didn't chose they're name from something they DIDN'T LIKE! Its usually something they're proud of. I'm sure Florida is pretty proud to have been part of the Seminole heritage.

Probably why they those that instead of being called "The Florida State Elderly."



Tidmore said...

"The Florida State Elderly" wuite possibly the greatest sports name in the history of sports! I Love it!

BTW you still ignoring my blog?

The Future said...

Check out today's Quickie:

Sudoku's got momentum!!


LG said...

great post, jackson!

(by the way, i had dinner with kristy williams tonight as she moves from A-town to New York!)

tjmccloud said...

Florida State "Hanging Chads".. maybe, but that was in a different part of the state-
I heard on NPR that one of the possible nicknames for the team in 1924 was the Florida State "Polliwogs", or the Florida State "Crackers". I like Crackers the best.