Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I've had a lot of emails asking about my parents and how they're doing, and to be honest...well...I dunno. I've tried every avenue possible, to try to contact them. All phones are down, which pretty much cuts off all contact in and out of Louisiana and Mississippi, the two states where my parents are.

I'm assuming my mom is doing fine, since she evacuated north of New Orleans to Brookhaven, Ms. As far as my you can see by the second picture above, he's still runnin' about and kickin, takin some awesome pictures that are running on I don't know how he's getting around, but I guess you can't ask the master to reveal his secrets.

As far as my hometown, I heard from our ex-preacher who heard from a church member of ours, saying that Mandeville/Covington pretty much escaped the destruction that is ravaging N.O. and Slidell, which is obviously good news. The first pic in this blog is a pic of a street in Mandeville. Looks pretty bad, but I guess is thats the worst they could find, then we made it ok.

Thansk for all the emails! I'll update as soon as I find out more!


Lauren said...

Yes please keep us updated...its devastating to see this in the newspaper and TV up here in the NYC area :(

kenny said...

I spent a good 10 mins on looking for your dad's photos. I ended up finding several, all very dramatic shots - not that finding a dramatic shot down there right now is very hard... but all good shots. Praying that your family and friends make out okay.

Lance said...

Hey man..........definitely keep us updated. Post some pics, some thoughts, whatever's on your mind. It's always good to hear from JJ! Hope things are going well.