Friday, September 30, 2005

AAAhhhh children

Honestly, theres no good way to fly with children.

My friend Christine asked in the comments of my last post the best way to fly with children, and since I don' t have her email, I guess I'll just make a post of it. She may have even flown with her baby boy jack already, but oh well. Maybe this will help someone out.

Flying with kids is like playing against Joe can't stop him, you can just hope to contain him.

Kids scream. they make messes. they smash they're cookies and grind them into the carpet, they slobber, they mess their diapers and theres no good place to change it, they kick seats and people get mad, and on and on and on. It happens. The best you can hope for is understanding people around you.

But there is some hope.

Their ears are GOING TO POP. Prepare for it. Make sure you have their pacifier to suck on, gum (if they're old enough) to chew on, or let them gnaw on your finger.

Get there early. Preboard. Sit in the front with the rest of the kids. Let the people who want peace and quiet go to the back. Theres nothing worse than screaming kids in the front and the back. Give us somewhere to escape.

Give him a sleeping pill. Dunno what the rules are on how old they have to be, but if you can, do it.

Let people play with them if they want. Dunno what it is, but sometimes those kids enjoy a fresh face. We had a kid screaming in the front seat during landing , and the girl I was working with made faces at the kid the entire time, and the kid sat there staring at her for the entire descent. Didn't say a word after that.

Oh, and punish the dad-gum kids if they're out of control!!! I See waaay too much of this. Dont do that "let them cry it out" stuff. If they're going to do that, give them something to cry about. :)

Theres no good place to change diapers. I've seen it on the seat, on the galley floor, and in the bathroom...Whatever. Though i hear we're adding changing tables in the ask when you get on.

But like you all know, I'm no father, this is just from my non-parenting point of view, things I see on the plane. If you don't like them, fine, these are just my ideas.

Other than that, just go, grit you teeth, and brace for the worst and hope for the best!!!



kysila said...

I read your blog periodically through Debbie's blog. btw - the retainer story was pretty amusing. Anyways, I travelled by plane with my son when he was 18 months old. He was a lap child. Anyways I talked to my doctor before I left and he advised sudafed or benadryl. So I gave him the appropriate dose and he went out right before we took off and woke upon the way out of the plane! It made for a great great flight!!!

laura g said...

funny, those same things apply to kids in church! (they scream, they make messes... give 'em benadryl, punish them, get there early)

tine said...

wow, jeremy, i got a whole post! we actually just got back in last night, and it all went very well...our doctor also gave us the benadryl suggestion, and Jack slept through the flights there and back...he woke up at the end of the flight home and i was worried about his ears, but he took his bottle and seemed to be fine. and I was just thankful we didn't have any diaper emergencies, and that it was only a 2 and half hour flight...that changing table thing would be a great idea though...all in all, he was a great traveller...i appreciate all of your "expert" advice! i can imagine you get some crazy kids on your flights...on our trip to minnesota, matt and i were remembering how beautiful it was in connecticut...such fun times in good ol manchester! maybe next time we can fly with you! (and then we'll make sure we drug him good so you don't pull your hair out!)