Friday, September 23, 2005


Ok apparently that last story was a little too wierd for you guys. Sickos.

So I guess I'll give everybody a lil' update on my family and my home and our boat and my dog and my cat and my brother and my yard.

Everyone is fine, though when I call my parents I can tell my mother is becoming increasingly frustrated. She's gone back to work, as has my dad, but its just not the same. They have electricity, and we have a well so with electricity comes water, and my dad has some global internet thing so he has internet wherever he goes, but theres none at the home computer, and theres no cable. So its like they've backtracked about 20 years.

I havn't made it home yet, though we've started flying 2 flights in and out of houston. They did have a lot of yard work to be done...months worth, but apparently there was a church group or something drive down from arkansas and cleaned up the entire yard in a couple days..or a of the two. So theres not a whole lot of work to be done, so if I go home I'll end up sitting at home while my parents are at work with no tv, no internet, and no car. So my parents suggested I wait before coming home. So thats what I shall do.

As for my dog and cat I assume they're happy since they don't watch tv or use the internet. And my dog has her space to run around in the yard.

So thats it! You've been great. Keep your noses and minds clean, kids.



The Future said...

I bet Jasmine doesn't wear a retainer...

laura g said...

if you're looking for clean-up work, come on down to Orange with me after Rita hits tonight!