Thursday, September 01, 2005

Homeward Bound

My mom was supposed to be driving down to the house to see the damage, and I called her today to get the news. I found my mom sitting out on the porch with the rest of my family in Mississippi trying to stay cool, and they had more important matters than our house on they're minds.

They were trying to get my dad home. They were on the phone with him, and had convinced him that his job was done and things had deteriorated to the point where it was time for him to come home. Apparently he's obliged, and they are currently forming a plan. My dad has to find a ride to a "checkpoint" (this is all sounding much like Iraq news) where my mom will pick him up. My mom has sounded extremely tense and bewildered I guess every time I talk to her. Once my dad gets back I'm sure she'll be much relieved. Shes been worried sick, and understandably. Me and my bro have grown up with my dad doing stuff like this, (gulf war, berlin wall coming down) so when i talked to my brother and told him the story of him rowing for 4 hours, we all just laughed. We still think he's crazy.

My mom asked my dad at what point did he think it was time to come home. He said it was when the police started barricading themselves in to protect themselves from everyone else.

So the wheels are in motion for Ted to come home.

As for my brother, he's been working this whole time in Mobile, making sure choppers are ready to go. He was supposed to make his first search and rescue mission this morning, but he said they'd been grounded because of the shots fired at the helicopters.



Malaysian Debster said...

Crazy stuff, Juice. Thanks for the update. We look forward to your dad being able to head 'home' too. =)

kenny said...

It so sad that it makes you sick the devastation that people are feeling that they take their agression out on the rescue personnel trying to help them. Prayers for the deep south.

TKP said...

Jeremy, I'm glad your folks are safe. Kelsie Wylie's parents are doing well too, and we keep hearing about whats going on there through them. Take care.

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

Jeremy -

My name is Dee Andrews and I am a member of Tammany Oaks, so know your mom and dad very well. I have a blog where I am posting all that we've experienced since Sunday. Please read it and send everyone you know to it for even more information about all that is going on. My blog is Finding Direction.

We live in Slidell on the north side and I THINK our house is okay, but have no direct knowledge.

My husband is the publisher of the newspaper up in Picayune, Miss. and is there while I am currently with my mom out here in Abilene. I will probably be here for the "duration" however long that will be.

When you next talk to your mom (and dad), please tell them I wrote and all I've said. Ask your dad if there is any further way I can be of help for there from here. I have been emailing and calling fellow members who I've been able to reach who are away from the area but going back in to help.

I found your blog here just now through Joe Hays' blog, which I've been keeping up with for several months!! (I'm from Abernathy, Texas and of course he is from Tahoka).

I will tag your blog now as a "favorite" so I may keep up with what all you know from your mom and dad about the situation as it unfolds and progresses. You can read mine from Sunday forward to get a good picture of my perspective and all that has occurred.

Take care and tell your mom and dad hi from me.

tjmccloud said...

hey buddy- Hol and I are praying for you guys and your family. Dont know what to do or how to do it, but we just really pray that God use this situation for good.
Love- TJ