Sunday, September 11, 2005

It's a Fine Fine Day

It's hard to recover from an illness when you have to wake up at 4am.

And since thats what I had to do on Saturday night, I fell asleep to the Georgia-South Carolina game, which meant I missed LSU-ASU.

At 4am I flip on the T.V. to maybe catch a glimpse of the score before I left. To my surprise, I find the game still on, which left me scurrying to my watch to make sure I hadn't woken up at 11pm or 12pm instead of 4am. Turns out, it was just a replay, but the Tigers were down by 10.

About 4 hours later I found out they pulled it out in the waning minutes to secure the victory.

And how wonderful it was to arrive at my home in Chicago today to see that score "NO 23 CAR 20" flash across the screen!!! Our beloved region that has realized so much defeat in recent days has finally tasted the sweet taste of VICTORY! Amazing that our boys can not only get out there and actually play a game in times like these, but WIN! And Win against good teams they did!

I called my mom and when she picked up said "Mom! Our boys did it! They won!" I was somewhat shocked when she had no idea about the victory, but apparently they don't have cable back up yet, even though they have the internet?? I dunno, I don't question, but my mom was very interested in how the Saints walked out hand in hand to the cheers of the opposing crowd.

Then I realized my Mom is pretty much in the dark about anything thats going on in the world. She doesn't get to watch the news like we do. She wanted to know the reactions of the opposing fans, any signs they had, and how our team reacted.

So from now on I'm predicting the Tigers to win the National Championship...OUTRIGHT...with a victory over the blasted Trojans of USC, and the Saints will win the SuperBowl.

Ok, maybe that's asking a little much.

I guess it's enough to just think that maybe there are some smiling faces on the people who've been displaced and don't have much more to smile about.


The Future said...

But people have been fleeing to Baton Rouge, they weren't evacuated. LSU deserves to win jack.

Go Saints, though! Bout time others have seen the light. John Carney still getting it done at the age of 74!

Chris Ewing said...

College Football....who cares? Hey maybe we can have four national champions this year.

The Juice said...

chris don't post such blasphemy on my blog. I'm tempted to have you removed!!!

Conner said...

So it's been awhile Mr.'s wonderful to hear your parents and family are safe and sound and, I suppose, it's good to hear your teams are doing well...but only for morale's sake. 'Cause let's be honest...LSU didn't deserve to win that game nor are they going to win the national championship. Fresno State perhaps?! HA! And as you well know you have my full support to criticize and heckle Chris about anything, especially as it relates to politics and even collegiate sports. Cheers!!!

Pam Early said...

no comment on football - only if they go to the superbowl will you come to our superbowl party so that I can make you shrimp gumbo again?
Your pictures are wonderful. Glad you posted them.
Be good-have fun-we all miss you here in Abilene
Mama Early

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Uncle Don here..... This is my first chance to give you a report of what’s happening in McComb.
I was busy with Katrina helping the Red Cross before, during and after the storm. The paid Red Cross lady and I WERE Red Cross here for the first three days after the storm was over. We had over 500 people in shelters, over 1,000 more trying to get into the shelters,(all from Louisiana) plus hundreds of local people asking for help. It was a wild time around here before the National Red Cross showed up... (Still not sure what took them so long to arrive). As most people don't know, McComb was also hit hard too. Katrina hit us with category 3 winds. We had lots of houses that were damaged and there are still parts of the county without power 18 days later.
Anyway, volunteering with Red Cross was an experience I will never forget.
Let me hear from you soon.
Your cousins, Jenna and Megan were both in college in the Mississippi Delta and like you, missed the storm too.
Talk to you soon
Uncle Don