Saturday, September 03, 2005


Ok so the personal vendetta against Katrina is pretty much over. I got to talk to Super Ted yesterday. He and my mom went down to check on the house, and said that we have 2 trees down, but non caused any damage, unless you count the neighbors fence we now have to pay for. The yard is a mess, but nothing a little manual labor can't take care of. (Dont look at me!!!)

They aslo went to check on the boat, and, somehow, it survived unscathed. I'm sure a lot are happy about that. If it weren't for the boat, there'd be no reason to go back to La!!!! (Just kidding mom and dad)

Anyways, so I think that pretty much ends the Jackson saga with Katrina, except for my brother who is still airlifting people off their roofs...still very cool and I know he's gonna have some great stories.

Anyways, I just wanted to thank everyone for being so concerned for me and my family. If you click just below the counter on this blog, it will give you stats on how many visits i've gotten, and my visits went from around 130 (which is really good) one day to over 400 the next. I'm very thankful for the concern. I still get a couple phone calls to check on the family.

Anyways, lets all just hope and pray that we can get this tragedy under control and get those poor people out of that city and move on. Help has taken way too long to get there, but all that is really meaningless until we actually get the job done, then we can look back to see what went wrong. I was proud of my family to hear that they had been handing out gatorade to those waiting in line for the gas station in Mississippi. Just shows the little ways that we can help. As we say at southwest..."Lets Git'r'done!!"



Lauren said...

Glad to read your mom and dad are safe and sound and MUCHO kudos to your bro! Oh and I think the number of visits may be attributed to me (heh...well maybe)because I posted a link to your dad's comment about Katrina...sooo unbelievable what he experienced...seriously that I FELT had to be shared. Anyways you and your family take care!

laura g said...

good news, jackson. hopefully no more tear-jerker-posts in the near future. see you soon.

Malaysian Debster said...

Yea!!!!! We're jumping for joy for the Jackson family.

Clay said...

Hey, Jeremy.
I've been thinking about your family and trying to check in to find out about your mom and dad. Glad to hear everything turned out well for them. And I still owe them about two nights' stay, so let them know I have a surprisingly comfy air bed up in The Rock if they should find themselves in AR. I wish the best for your bro too. Hope things are cool up in Chicago!