Thursday, September 08, 2005

Much ado about nothing

Just 2 days ago I was standing on the street corner in Nashville, and lo and behold who comes driving by? Laura Gore.

I havn't posted in a few days because I fell ill while in El Paso and its pretty much sapped me of all energy, including creative blogging energy. Which is why this post is so lame.

Thanks to The Prophecy for covering my butt in El Paso, as I was unable to stay up late and draft my fantasy football team. He drafted for me (as he did in baseball) and yet again did an outstanding job.

Many people have asked how they can help my parents. I asked my mom today, and she said 2 things: "Chainsaws and Manpower."

Speaking of my parents, they have returned home and are living by a generator, and things are slowly..very slowly..returning to normalcy. My mom went grocery shopping and rented a movie today.

If you've tried calling me recently and I didn't answer and have yet to return your call, its because, like I said, I'm ill and I have a sore throat and I can barely talk cuz it hurts. I'll get back to you soon.



Anonymous said...

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Steve & Renae Cates said...

Hi Jeremy. Way cool that you got to see Laura Gore! I am glad your parents are back home...your dad, he just can't stop-I saw new pics he took on yesterday. Please let your parents know that we will continue to pray for them during this time. Sometimes it's so hard...I just keep thinking back to when I lived in Mandeville and just want to help! It was so great to serve pizza to hundreds of evacuees through our church on Monday. The fellow volunteers kept laughing at me because I was able to understand the accents when they had to keep asking over and over...guess it's just down in my roots somewhere-7 years in Louisiana did me good it seems! :) Hope you get to feeling better.
~ Renae (Moore) Cates

laura g said...

i finally make it into your blog, and the title is "much ado about NOTHING?" don't make me re-think montana.

Brown Sugar said...

ouch...way to go jeremy...anyway..i really wish i could help your parents..i'm perfect for that chainsaw toting's what i like to do...but i can't get away from texas any time soon...

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremy--We've been reading your blog almost daily. I just got back from Dallas-was teaching Jonathan Lewis' sister, Katie, how to do accounting on Quickbooks. Got to talk to him on the phone this morning. Tell your folks there are prayers for them and all affected by this storm. God bless all Mama Early

Lauren said...

Glad to hear everything is returning to being "normal" for your parents!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremy,
I hope you're feeling better. Mom and I spent 2 days cutting trees and making piles. Mom said maybe we'll have it done in about a year. hehe. or maybe she wasn't joking.
Anyway, I lost your email address when my tp account went down. I know the first part but the escapes me. If you will send it to my charter account I can be in better touch. The phones are atrocious, as you know.
Write to
see you.

Lancie Pants said...

You were in Nashville and didn't call?!? :) Just kidding...I'll let it pass....this time. Give me a "Holla" when you get the chance.....much to catch up on!