Sunday, September 04, 2005

Ode to my Bro

So me and my brother have an interesting relationship. Maybe its typical of brothers. We rarely talk, see each other really just on holidays, but when we are together we basically pick up where we left off. Thats just the way it is. We did our own thing growing up, and we do our own thing while we're grown up.

If you dont' know, my brother is in the Coast Guard and is a Helicopter flight mechanic. He's the guy that drops down the basket go get people...and fixes the plane when needed. He's stationed in Mobile, Al, so he's been quite involved in the whole rescue effort.

So I was thinking today that maybe I'm taking my brother and all his good deeds in such trying times a little too lightly. He recently sent me an email of all he was doing and I'll just go ahead and copy paste it. Its quite amazing.

"I tell you what, It's been a mad house around here. We are on a 24/7 rotation, flights leaving and coming back every few hours. I had my first opportunity to go over to the city last night and picked up 7 people off the roof of an elementary school. Then 5 off a roof of a house including a 6 month old, her mother, and their grandfather. Then we picked up 5 more off a nearby balcony with a very elderly couple. They must have been 75 years old and had been there for 4 days. That hoist was so tight that we had our tail rotor blades in tree branches most of the hoist. Pretty crazy. I have to get back to work turning these hellos around. Talk to you later. "

So I just wanted to tell my bro well done, my friend, well done, and keep up the good work.



Lance said...

Hey JJ! You come from an awesome family! Seems like your family is doing well, and they are carrying out the act of servanthood to everyone they come in contact with. I heard today an acrostic for CHAOS. Thought I would share it......CHAOS stands for Christians Have Abundant Opportunities to Serve. Talk to you soon! Give me a "holla" on your night off.

kentbrantly said...

that's awesome. i agree with jeremy's assessment: well done, jeremy's brother. you are doing the work of a hero and a servant. keep it up, you and all of your heroic partners. may God bless you and keep you safe.

Lauren said...

you brother rocks!


Anonymous said...

I just got online again, this time I have a broadband wireless card that will keep me online from wherever I am. I'm writing to you here because my email is still down, and will be (probably forever) because the server downtown is lost. I'll try to get to my charter account working and write a personal note to keep you posted. Please pray for the city. We don't know what will happen. The city is still in shambles. It looks like a nuclear explosion leveled the place. It's a ghost town except for the military, and we're glad they're here. People that are here are very tense and on edge. They are the good guys. The bad guys are reaking havok on the city but are being rooted out little by little. There's so much to tell, but that can wait till we're all back together.
On the important side, please pray for us all and call your mom every chance you get. She's been a rock through all this but it's starting to wear. She and the girls are living under generator power and would love to get some sense of normalcy.
Take care and I'll call you soon.
I love you.

Holly Ward Croteau said...

Hey. Hayley and Maggie told me to check out your blog. It is great! I am so proud of you, and Chris and your dad. It is really great work that they are doing. I always thought your dad was the coolest, but this is so awesome. I can't imagine the things that are going on, and to think it is so close to home! Thanks for the updates and know that we are praying for your dad, Chris and the whole entire city of New Orleans- the greatest place on earth!
Holly Ward Croteau

Kate said...

Thank God for the men and women like your bro! Prayers for all your family.