Friday, September 02, 2005

So I hear

I am currently working, so when i got off the plane today, i had a message from my dad that he was in mississippi with my mom, so he is officially out of "harms" way. Which is very good news. We still don't have "official" news about the house, but word has it that its fine. Unfortunately I've been unable to call them back. I kept getting busy signals and when i finally got through, it was my cousin Maggie.

First of all let me say this is the 4th out of 5 times that my mother's phone has been answered by another family member. And every time its someone different. Hmmm..

Anyways, Maggie told me their electricity was back on. So hopefully they are back to living comfortably.

Also my brother is now doing actual search and rescue...if you watch the news of the coast gaurd guys up in the choppers, operating the wench to lift refugees off of roofs...and then helping them into the helicopter..thats my brother. I bet he'll have some great stories.

So in a recent blog I mentioned how I felt worthless sitting in a nice air conditioned apartment and eating all the food I want, and that I wish I could help out. Well I guess I spoke too soon.

Flight from Vegas to Sacramento, me and Trudy, my crewmember, were doing our fine job of passing out peanuts when i heard a "thud" come from the back galley. I saw a lady back there bending over doing something that I couldn't see. I said "what on earth was that??" and me and trudy both looked back to figure out was going on. It took me a split second to realize that a gentleman had passed out back there. Great. First medical emergency ever. Trudy is closest so she runs back there, gets on the PA system, and tells the other FA Jon to get back there. Thats when passengers all start staring towards the back. Then Trudy yells "Is there a medical proffesional on board??" and I swear 6 people jumped up. I had to have a bunch of them sit down, and 2 of them with Trudy attended to the Man. I ran to gather the equipment, the defibrillater, oxygen, EEMK and such, while jon called the captain and told him to patch through to Medlink. (Medlink is a system that puts us in touch with medical professionals to advise us to what to do) I put on the headset to get patched through, even though we never successfully made a patch. (its not a failproof system) About 10 mins later, he was able to get up and shake it off. Apparently he had gone to the back to throw up, had gotten dizzy, and fallen over and hit his head on the door. He was OK now though.

Whew. And I'd like to mention that we still got our drinks out. :)

As we pulled into the gate, EMT's were standing by to do final checks on him to make sure he was ok.



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kentbrantly said...

blog spam smells worse than real spam.
i'm glad to hear your parents are back together. sounds like all the men in your family deserve titles like "super ted" - rescuing hurricane victims and airplane passengers alike. thanks for the update.
-kent <><

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremy! This is your favorite cousin HAYLEY! How are you? I am enjoying spending some time with your parents. They are safe and sound here in McComb. Clare spent the day with us today. We stood on Delaware and gave out powerade to all the people in line for gas. The wait in line was at least 2 and ½ hours long. It was the craziest thing I have seen in McComb. You would have been surprised at the people in this small town. I enjoyed looking at the pictures your Dad had taken. They are awesome. When you get to come to Louisiana you better bring your working shoes. They need help in the yard! Your Mawmaw Lene said hello. She would love to hear from you. I think this being out for a week might mess up my graduation date. Can you believe I am a senior? You MUST come to McComb for that. (Right now it is set for May 12, that might change!) You have no excuses for not coming home since you can fly whenever you want. That is an awesome job. I must say very impressing! You and your brother both! Well anyway I hope you enjoy reading this message and I will talk to you later. Be careful. Love, Hayley

kenny said...

Glad to hear "Super Ted" is finally with his wife and your brother is using his exceptional skills to rescue victims (almost a week later!).
I would love to see some of your dad's shots. If he ever wanted to publish them online, I'd be more than happy to help out with that. Just let me know.

Malaysian Debster said...

One of the best news in days. Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

I like your blog. If you want, you should come Fly with Ted sometime. Have fun!

MEG said...

Hey Cousin!!!!! This is you other fav cousin other than Hayley... This is megan..I wanted to post a comment on your website cause I know the Family looks at it often. I wanted to tell the "Jackson's" how proud I am to be called a Jackson. In the wake of this storm, my family has shown so much heart. This was the 1st weekend to come home and see some of the destruction.I have been up at school, away from the horror. I was shocked at some of the stuff I saw. Cousin.. we have a AWESOME family.. I mean my dad being in charge of the red Cross.. Hayley and Maggie handing out powerade to strangers, Anunt Jill and uncle Ken handing out supplies, Chris doind search and rescue.. and the way your dad is a witness to a guy in the miss of a awful distater. I feel useless being up in the Delta, not being able to do anything. This storm has taught me to be thankful for ,not only, the life around me but also realize how much my family means to me. I heard stories of them giving to people who have nothing. The reason I wrote this is becuase I know that there is no way i would show how proud I am being a "Jackson"... I love you jermaiah lee!!