Saturday, October 15, 2005

Baseball Glory

Is it just me, or is the Baseball Playoffs truly, truly AMAZING!!!!???....


If you're from the northeast, I don't wanna hear it. Actually, sure, go ahead and make your case about how your not enjoying it because BOTH the Yankees and Red Sox are out of the race..Thank God. We can go ahead and chop off the eastern part of the U.S. CUZ YA JUST DON'T MATTER.

If you'll notice, the teams that are leading the series' at the moment have on thing in common: Pitching. Straight up stellar pitching. It wins championships. Bottom line. We all know it but some of us just don't listen.

But on to my point.

The baseball playoffs is ABOVE AND BEYOND superior to any other postseason in..ahem..american sports. (I say that cuz the Soccer World Cup is pretty dad gum intense.) But heres my top 10 reasons why I think so:

These are not in order of importance

1: I spoke to Chris about this today. The common man can go. On tuesday, I'm gonna get online and take my chances on World Series tickets. About $150 a pop. Not too bad. Try going to a super bowl. You'll end up spendin' a cool $2,000 from some Large Corporation that has all the tickets. Sure, It's cuz its only 1 game, but I don't make the rules.

2: Any day the tides can turn. Who knew in the Atlanta-Houston Series that Chris Burke... A ROOKIE! would all of a sudden catch fire and win the game. Who Knew?

3: A playoff team is only as good as its weakest link: Case in point 2004 houston astros...good hitting, good pitching, great closer...couple sub-par relievers...the lose in 7 to the Cards. You can trot out a Jordan or a Joe Montana in bball and football...but currently the top 6 HR hitters this year are ALL out of the playoffs.

4: CLASSY PLAYERS/MANAGERS- See Mike Scioscia of the Angels. After a bad call lost them the game after game 2 he says..We didn't play well enough to overcome something like that. We need to play better... He didn't cry, he didn't complain, you take your losses like a man and you move on.

5: NO FLAGS!!!! Is anyone like me and getting sick and tired of stupid block in the back calls in the NFL??? We don't have penalties in baseball! You hit a homerun....YOU HIT A HOMERUN! How ticked off are you when a long play wins a SUPER BOWL and is called back on a penalty. Or when a NBA game comes down to free throws? Baseball runs smoothly..what happens happens..nuthin you can do about it.

6: All bets are off. Wild Card winners have won the last 3 World Series. Doesn't happen anywhere else.

7: No Fakers. None of this "I'm going just to watch the commercials" mess. Real Fans Only.

8: "One of God's greatest gifts is anticipation" as my Dad says. and theres tons of it in baseball. Final batter. Hanging on every pitch. It could happen any time...or could the runner...can't get the signs...step the fans watch and wait..they can't stand it...

9: A lead is never safe....most super bowls are over by halftime. One swing in baseball and your back in it. When you score, you dont' have to give possesion away. Think you can win it? Go ahead..give it your best shot. It's all yours. A 10 run inning is at your fingertips....

10: Strategy..Houston-Atlanta 18 inning maration. Garner chooses to use all his comes down to clemens..theres no one left to pitch. its clemens or no one. Garner rolled the dice and it paid off. You only get so many players on your roster, and once you take him out...thats it..he can't come back in. What would you do?



Anonymous said...

I agree with you that these have been truly amazing playoffs. It seems that the teams are more evenly matched this year, which means that the World Series should keep fans on the edge of their seats.

Both games tonight (Sunday) have been close. The Houston-Angels game had the classic drama of controversial calls by the umpires, good pitching, and the added bonus of the Cardinals' manager and one player being ejected in the last innings of the game.

So far the Chicago-LA game is tied in the top of the seventh inning with one out. The pressure is on with the White Sox holding the lead in the series. Chicago is hungry for a World Series and the Angels are close to becoming...well...Angels.

My prediction is that it will be the Houston Astros vs. the Chicago White Sox coming to blows in the World Series. Even though I'm from Texas, the White Sox have always been my team. Pin stripes will once again capture the coveted World Series victory...but this year it won't be the NY Yankees. Last year ended Boston's drought and this year will be sweet rain for Chicago. Get your umbrella ready.

The Future said...

It's been pretty good. I think I like the basketball playoffs better, but that's just me.

I was watching last night. That 9th inning for the cards was intense. Larry walker crosses home plate, only to see a double play!!

Missed ya at Harold's this weekend.

I saw last night the MLS championship is in Frisco this year, at that new stadium. Tickets start at only $30! Nov. 13 (Sunday) at 2:30 is that game.

J-Wild said...

Don't you feel so cool that you picked the White Sox in your new hometown! They seem destined. One thing that seems for sure, the Red Sox were a fluke and the Yankees are turning out to be the Braves of the 2000's.

Jeremy, one problem...the games are toooo long! The world series is great, but it doesn't compare to March Madness! That is the greatest american sports spectacle.

You mentioned World Cup soccer, what about the Olympics?

Ok all things being equal:
Game 7 World Series
Game 7 NBA Championship
NCAA Basketball Championship
Game 7 Hockey....

I would have to go with the NCAA basketball, then world series.

(Notice college football is absent...they don't have a championship, just a popularity contest)