Thursday, October 27, 2005


You know, I'll give the White Sox credit. They played well. But then again, I think that if the Astros had been just a tad better with runners in scoring position, i think this series is tied 2-2, if not 3-1 astros.

We were horrible with runners in scoring position. It seemed like every inning we got the leadoff man on...and couldn't get them in. It was the ultimate frustration.

One of the biggest stories of the series that will be missed out on because we lost is our pitching. I thought it was awesome. Sure, you may say that you rocked clemens, but he injured himself and he's just one of those guys that will have a hard time admitting it.

If we could have just had 2 or 3 timely hits to get some guys in, this is a whole different series. It's not like the sox blew us out...every game except for the first was actually a 1-run game. It's just a shame we got embarrassed like that. I'm really just happy we made it that far. But maybe its a natural progression. NLCS last year, World Series this year, and a Championship next year. Lets do it.



kentbrantly said...

Isn't it always the truth that if a team had played better and taken advantage of their opportunities that the game or series would have been different? That's why one team wins and the other loses, because one team plays better than the other. So sure, if the Astros had played better, if they had performed perhaps like they were able to perform earlier in the playoffs or earlier in the season, then it could have been a different post-season ending. And although they did get swept by a team who hasn't won the big title since 1917, I would say making it to the World Series isn't a disappointment.
Of course, maybe I'm just preparing myself for the possibility of the Colts making it to the Superbowl and losing.

The Juice said...

i speak more of the opportunities that presented themselves. and we didn't take advantage. I can't count how many times we had a man on 2nd and no out, and we couldn't get them in. Seems like every time we made a mistake the sox were there to take advantage. every single minute mistake.

Shea said...
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Shea said...

Well ... at least the Astros made it this far... and the Angels beat the Yankees... all-in-all it was a good season ;-)

BSC said...

A tad better? Dude, a tad better insists they were actually doing something with RISP. That was the biggest offensive shutdown I've seen in a long time!

I was rooting for them too.