Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Don't tell me what to do

Don't come into my house and tell me what to do.

As Chris Ewing says "I don't come into your house and tell you not to wash your dishes."

I'm angry. I'm a tornado of anger swirling about, I'm really really angry. Mostly at Bud Selig and the MLB. Actually completely at them. I don't understand them. How do you justify telling the Houston Astros that they have to open their roof?

I know you may not think that its a big deal, but your taking away a huge part of home field advantage. A lot of it is mental. Right now we're losing 5-4, and if it ends a 1 run game, yeah, i'm gonna blame it on that open roof. I've heard that with the roof open, its the loudest stadium BY FAR in the major leagues..and if you think it doesn't matter, think about taking half the fans out of that stadium. You think that will affect players?? Of course it will.

The only excuse I've heard is that Selig thought they should take advantage of the nice weather. Well I'm sorry, this aint a lazy sunday afternoon here. We're not trying to save electricity.

The stadium was built by the organization and the taxpayers of Houston. They should decide whether its open or closed. Not Selig, not anybody in the MLB. I never heard any complaints during the world series in Toronto. I've never heard it anywhere else.

How about if we went to Chicago and told them that because its raining they need to put a tarp over the stadium!!! Sound absurd??? EXACTLY.

I've heard that the closed roof is an "unfair homefield advanage." Home field advantage is what it is. Theres nothing unfair about it. It's homefield advantage, whatever it is.

I'm so angry about it right now that I really don't know what to say about it.

I adopted the White Sox when I moved to Chicago....but as of right now, I don't think I can pull for any chicago team anymore. Can't do it. Maybe in time I'll get over it.

PS After watching our heartbreaking loss last night, I'm beginning to realize that this entire world series has been BULL CRAP. I mean seriously, nothing went right for us in Chicago. Absolutely nothing. We needed to come home. And when we finally do, we can't even get our roof closed!!! Honestly, what do we have to do to get something to go our way???? It's insult to injury, thats what it is.



Anonymous said...

I'm watching the game, too. I understand what your saying about how it should be the Astros' decision on whether to close or keep open the stadium roof.

But, honestly, you can't blame their losing on the roof being open. What kind of logic is that? Are there statistics proving that the Astros lose more when the is roof open? Surely they are used playing in both the open and closed stadium. What's the point in homefield advantage if the home team can't win in their own stadium?

Actually, keeping the roof open should be a disadvantage to the White Sox since the Astros should be used to the loud noise. Face it, the Astros started off strong but fell apart in the 5th...and it didn't have anything to do with the position of the stadium roof. Sorry.

The Juice said...

actually there are statistics. and you're right, they can't blame anyone but themselves, but I can, and I think its a bigger issue than you think. People are emotional, and players feed of emotions of the fans.

Anonymous said...

Well, this has turned into a good game. Right now they are tied in the bottom of the 10th inning. Wild pitching is causing all kinds of problems tonight.

And, yes, players do feed off the emotions of the fans, but good players and a good team will not let the mood of the fans affect their game. This is the Major League not Little League where the players are listening to their parents telling them what to do. Good players stay focused and play their best regardless of the noise around them, the weather, their emotions, and the roof on the stadium.

So, don't stop supporting the Chicago teams just because the Astros' blow the win tonight.

LoriLoo310 said...

I just want you to know that I read your blog, just rarely comment because I don't have a lot to say about sports. I'll leave that up to my husband.

jch said...

Okay, Jeremy. Your boys got swept. It's one thing if it comes down to Game 7. But it didn't. Again, let me clarify, your boys got swept. I hardly think that an open or closed roof made the difference in the swing of the series.

You want stats? Look at how the AL has killed the NL this year. Look at the pitching stats which, for the first time since the DH, tell how the AL was better.

You sound like a fifth grader blaming the umps of the Little League game for losing 15-0.

Again, if the series were close, you might sound somewhat sane. Instead, you sound like a ranting Chris Ewing who claims there will be "riots in the streets" if the roof isn't closed! C'mon, do you really want this post to go down in your record book? This isn't indicative of the JJ who I have come to know and whose motto is "deal with it."

Chris Ewing said...


Did you even watch the Series? Or were you busy watching to see what five college football teams are going to share the national championship? The Astros were winning every game until the last few innings. This Series came within a hair of the Astros sweeping the series.

But then again you can't sweep the Series if you can't score men from third with 1 out.