Friday, October 07, 2005

I LUV my company

I work for the greatest company...EVER. If you don't know who I work for, I'm not mentioning it for saying something stupid and getting fired. I've heard rumors of it happening elsewhere....and...well...i'm just not doing it. I think all of you know who i work for anyways.

About 2 weeks ago I received a phone call from a lady that was one of my supervisors in training, and she was just making sure that my family was ok down in New Orleans. I assured her that everything was fine, but that I really appreciated the meant a lot to me. It may not seem like that much, but when you have 30,000 employees, it takes a lot of work to find out exactly who is from New Orleans, and who still lives there, and who has family there.

But what came next was completely unexpected. This morning fedex came to my door with an overnight package from the president of my company. Slightly scared, I opened up the package to find a letter HAND SIGNED by the 3 top execs in the company, along with a $100 gift card and was instructed to "indulge myself." Pretty much do whatever I want with it.

I was shocked.

I called my parents to see if they "had good use for $100", and after discussing it, we decided I would use it to pay someone to pick up of my 3 days of work this next weekend so I can go home and be able to actually see my family, instead of going home during my off days and sit at home by myself.

So needless to say, I think my company is quite amazing.



laura g said...

awwwwwwwwwwww, jeremy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremy, That is wonderful! Your parents got to come to our Homecoming last night. I was very excited to see them. We also won the MPSA OVERALL STATE CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT in fastpitch softball today. I know that probably does not mean too much to you, but we are soo excited! Anyways.. glad you get to come home, hope to see you soon.(considering that thanksgiving and christmas is not too far away and that is the only time i get to see you! and maybe not even then!) Talk to you later, Hayley

Malaysian Debster said...

What a great story. Makes me want to work for them too. :)

The Future said...

Nice story, juice...

Pretty cool.

Chez Bez said...

Yep, that does it. I'm applying.