Saturday, October 22, 2005

Ira Comes Home

With all this World Series happenings, my brain hasn't been able to do its usual wanderings. Though I've been asked a lot who I'm rooting for...since I adopted the White Sox when I came to Chicago. I think its pretty needless to say that I know where my heart is....and if you're that dense or you just don't know me...go 'stros.

P.S. I'm watching game 1 right now, and if the Sox end up winning this game, Joe Crede is the MVP of the game. Without him we're up, easy.

But I wanna take this chance to fill you in on Joe Hays' little boy Baby Ira. I wrote about him a while ago, about how he's been in the hospital since birth. But just recently baby Ira got to come home for the first time, and it's quite the touching story. Even for me, the one whos been called "completely dead inside. Devoid of emotion." So I'll let you read it straight from the source.



Anonymous said...

Game 1 - White Sox

Go White Sox!!!

Thanks for the update on baby Ira.

jch said...

Thanks for the shout out, Jeremy.

BTW, the World Series is being played? Why? Who cares? :)