Monday, October 03, 2005

Passing Chance

I sincerily apologize for leaving you with a lackluster informational post that belongs on an information card in the doctor's waiting room. But I've been working and staying at hotels with no internet connection. But plenty of time to brood.

Just the other day I went for a long bike ride along Lake Michigan, which is my usual daytime activity when its 60 degrees out and sunny and I really have absolutely nothing better to do. I get some exercise, plus I get to do some people watching.

On my way back from my ride, I ride pass this attractive girl, and I kinda glance at her, I kinda could tell she glanced at me, and BAM, that was it...OVER...the moment had passed.

And she was one of those where by just looking at her I could tell she was my type..I mean not neccessarily the one I'm gonna marry, but once that I'd enjoy getting to know.

I know what your thinking. "Jeremy, why didn't you go talk to her? Why didn't you do SOMETHING?"

WHAT THE CRAP WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO? I had a split second to figure something out. My only reaction was to screech to a stop, turn around, speed up and catch up to her, and say "hey, wanna go get some ice cream?"

I'm pretty sure thats what they teach self defense for.

Growing up in youth group, I used to love youth rallys and retreats because I could meet someone like that and have at least 24 hrs to figure out my move, how I'm gonna get in a conversation with her. And I like to say I'm pretty darn good at it...But at this moment all I had was a passing glance to go off of and a split second to do something. could you imagine me showing up 3 miles down the road after stopping, pondering on a park bench, then deciding my move and chasing after her? I guess that would make for a good story..or maybe an even better bloody nose.

I feel like that guy on the dockers commercial that sees the girl on the passing bus and jumps off to get on her bus. and finds her waiting for him on the other side of the road. But thats a perfect world. This world is far from it.

But lets be honest..this happens to all of us! At the train stop, at the airport, on the happens all the time! And its kind of depressing to go home thinking you missed a golden opportunity...especially when you've had a couple of hrs to come up with what you SHOULD HAVE done. It's like coming up with that perfect comeback after you've been insulted..only 20 mins too late. Too bad. It's over. Go home and don't come back. You're through.

Am I crazy? Am I doing something wrong? (obviously so) Or am I just a gutless, yellow bellied little boy?



JonGrubbs said...

Hey man, just keep biking that route, and you might pass her again one day. Stranger things have happened. Sorry I didn't get your email about flying into LAX until late last night. Shea and I were at a church retreat all weekend! Catch ya next time, baby!

Anonymous said...

Just a gutless yellow bellied boy. Grubbs didnt have the heart rub it in since he did such a fine job in that department.

Shea said...

Awww..thanks anonymous...

Well...let's just say he's come a long way since freshman year at ACU... one valentine's day he gave me kite string (this was before I knew he was interested in me.....and this was supposed to "give it away"???) Anyway, it didn't give anything away, except the facty that I found it odd I was randomly given kite string....

(Love You Jonathan ;) )

I have no advice for this instance. Honestly if I was by myself and some guy on a bike tried to talk to me... I would definitely have to pull out my illegal ninja moves from the Government.

Brown Sugar said...


maybe if you had a second gutless yellow bellied boy with me....we could have come up with an idea together...but the problem is only one of us could end up with the girl....but i think i know your types and we could easily decide when the times come who gets to have know..anyway if you ever do start a conversation from a split second glance, please let me know what you did...