Thursday, October 06, 2005

You were never wanted

This morning I was pretty sure what I wanted to post today about. Seriously, I could probably post something every day, but I figure I gotta give you guys a chance to read. So most of my ideas get lost. But today I had a pretty good idea, until I turned on the 8am sportscenter.

I had a good day yesterday. Starting at 3pm, my Houston Astros took it to the Braves and completely dismantled them and they're best starter Tim Hudson. Immediately after, Tony Graffanino completely botched a simple double play ball that helped the White Sox score 5 runs en route to edging the Red Sox, giving them a 2-0 lead in the division series.

Wait, theres more.

Immediately AFTER THAT the Yankees fell to the mighty Angels of Aneheim, evening the series at 1-1.

So imagine my dismay when I turn on Sportscenter this morning and see Hockey highlights. you know what? That doesn't even deserve to be capitalized. hockey. yeah. hockey. take that. I was disgusted. We just had 3 specatcular playoff baseball games and you're gonna give me hockey highlights? the only thing hockey does is take up valuable air time on sportscenter.

I could rant all day but I think you've heard this before, so I'll keep it short.

"I love hockey. I love going to the games. They're so exciting!"

I hear it all the time. You go for the fights and you know it. Thats the only attraction. If you're from Canada, thats your national pastime, thats ok. But not here. Not in my house.

Here's an interesting fact: 2 years ago the super bowl ALONE outdrew the entire hockey season in terms of tv viewership.

You're not wanted.

You left last year and never was sportscenter so good.



Roxanne said...

hahahaha. i love it. i'm not a COMPLETE hater, but my life was DEFINITELY no less complete without hockey. The stupid league didn't even make a deal with ESPN, THE sports network...they went with the cheaper deal, the Outdoor Life Network..or whatever it is. Something that no one's heard of. Hockey games don't get aired on espn, they don't deserve to take up PRECIOUS sportscenter time!! or any other of my espn shows!! BACK up. SPORTS FANS DONT CARE. bottom line. that is all. thank you, and have a nice day :)

BSC said...

I'll admit that I love seeing hockey live, but it's too damn expensive. Otherwise, I don't care. It doesn't translate well to TV at all.

And the Yankees will prevail. you know this. Otherwise, I'll root for your Pale Hose.