Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cries and Wails

Poor Hurley. Shea and Jonathan thought it would be funny to dress him up in a little costume. Hurley? Not so much.

I felt a lot like hurley these past couple days. Held captive by a larger force.

I thought that it had been long enough since I've seen the dentist. I don't like'm and I'd rather not see'm. You think I've crazy? That I have nothing to worry about? In my lifetime, I've had 11 teeth pulled and had braces. And before I had braces I had this retainer thing that when putting it in, I had to use the palm of my hand and hit it with all my might to jam it in my teeth. It was meant to push a tooth back into place.

But how bad can a simple cleaning be? As I walked in, the hygenist said "just here for a cleaning?" yup. nice and easy.

How could I be so naive. Hmm..where to I begin. First he said I had 2 cavities, one that we needed to fill soon or I would need a root canal. I've had one of them before, I'd rather not do it again.

Also, I have to see an oral surgeon so he can remove a tooth in the back, which would allow for the dentist to cap a chipped tooth I have back there. "Oh yeah" I thought. Chipped that one on a Bic.

So I arranged an appointment the soonest I could. I had a day off in-between a string of trips where I'd be working...a lot.

So today I got up and headed over to the office a couple blocks away. It wasn't long before I was sitting in that chair of PAIN...and I was bracing for it. He numbed me up..which involved needles..and I HATE needles. I had my eyes closed, but I sure felt them in the corner of my mouth. He let me relax for a minute, then I started feeling nauseated and light headed. I wanted to vomit. "eh, some of it gets in the blood stream. You'll be fine." Sure. He started drilling and scraping and drilling some more and then theres that spit sucking machine..and before I knew it, he was done with that tooth and on to the second. This wasn't shaping up to be so bad after all. Once the needles are over with, its a breeze!

Then when he was halfway through, he pulled the mask off..looked at me..and said "the decay is into the root..we're gonna have to do a root canal."

"now?" i asked

"Yeah. I'm already in there. Might as well do it now."

Right. go ahead and do it now.

And the rest is history. I spent the rest of the day drooling and half-smiling.

Sure. Just a simple cleaning. Just a stupid simple cleaning.



JonGrubbs said...

What sweet awesome pictures! We had fun man. Hope you can swing by again soon. That Chinese food we had with Cherese tore Shea and me a new one later that night. It was rough. I guess you were okay? Nothing like sharing my intestinal discord with friends on blog comments for all the world to see! Peace.

Malaysian Debster said...

Aha! Pay back is a punk, especially after your last posting! Haha...j/k. I dislike going to the dentist too, so I certainly don't want to be in your shoes and go through what you had to go through.

The Future said...

That retainer! Don't get me started!!

Brown Sugar said...


i love going to the dentist..i can't wait to go soon since i'm on my new dental insurance...i need to check on an old filling that i think is getting defected...my last dentist office was ran by a bunch of young good looking women which really makes it easier....i just love getting all doped up on laughing gas and getting numbing shots.....and then your face feels like it's all swollen...i love it

Tidmore said...

Did you come to town w/o calling me? I hate you and we are no longer friends. No just kidding I'm sure there is a very good explaination for why you didn't call me. RIGHT?

Conner said...

No such thing as a routine dentist appointment! (God knows I've had my fair share of time in the chair of pain.)
So Jeremy...I had this thought while on a 5 hour flight (ugh) from LAX to JFK: have any customers enrolled in the prestigious mile-high club? 'Cause that's just amusing and super cool!
And dude, when are you going to come visit? Yes, New York!

laura g said...

i do believe my dental insurance coverage begins tomorrow (!) with my job. i just KNOW the dentist is going to say the words "cavity," "root canal," and "wisdom teeth." all of which will make me throw up on the spot. i am the patient who asks for nitrous oxide just for a cleaning. have i made an appointment? nope.