Sunday, November 13, 2005


Man, I've been working 9 out of 10 days, with 6 of them straight. I havn't had a whole lot of time to sit at a computer. I know that doesn't sound like a whole lot to most of the working folk..but to be on the road that long..its well..long.

If you didn't pick up on it, the last post was a joke. I thought it would be fun to act ridiculous like T.O. for once. And just like him, it didn't get me anywhere. But luckily you can't bench me.

C'mon guys, I knew women had quite an effect on us, but cmon.

What's with gender roles these days? More women are doing jobs that are traditionally men's jobs. And its starting to work the other way. More men are doing women's jobs.

When I sat down and pondered it in my tiny peanut sized brain in my tiny skull...I realized that women started the whole thing when they wanted to vote. Not that I mind it. I think they should have a voice in government. Don't get me wrong. I think its great. It just didn't stop there.

Next thing you know, they want to lead prayers in Church. WHAAATT?? But seriously thats another thing that I'm ok with. But a whole 'nother blog people, so don't start. But its true.

Now we've got women pilots. Women football players. Women firefighters. Policemen..err..women..policewomen. name it. In any traditionally men's job theres been an influx of women.

So what happens next? Well...if they can do that...then I'm gonna become a flight attendant.

And I did. I'm a man doing a traditionally woman's job.

And I'm ok with that. Actually I'm more than ok with it. I just think its a little funny how we went about the whole thing. Women started it, then the guys came back and said, "hey, if they can do it, why can't I?"

And we did.

Suzy homemaker has become John Homemaker. One of my good friends designs rugs. We knit now. Crochet. We knit sweaters for cryin out loud. We do it all.

Is it good? Is it bad?

I think its fine. I mean sure, us guys get odd looks when we say what we do for a living..but you give over that.

and they will too.



tine said...

I love it that Redi designs rugs(is that who you are talking about?) He has even won some awards!
I say do what you enjoy doing...I was just glad to keep reading and see that this wasn't a women bashing post!

Brown Sugar said...

I guess I gotta be on your side jeremy...I am the boy flute player afterall...but I wasn't paid to pay the flute so what WAS going through my head...honestly nothing...i just didn't know better...when i joined band in 7th grade, i didn't know a flute from a tuba.....i thought it was a mystical wooden instrument that summoned small woodland creatures...little did i know it was a girly thing played by girly girlies......but i stuck with it....because i was good...i got first chair all through junior high....i learned faster than the rest......and anyway, some of the best and best known flute players are guys...jean luke piccard (spelling?)....jethro tull.....james galloway...

now i am sometimes irritated with some women doing traditinally men's roles...especially when they do it just a prove a point... like women roles in church...i have some limits...not because i personally have something against a women doing a certain thing, but better safe than sorry.....

anyway you have a great job...a very cool job i think...and the only reason it is traditionally a girls job is because when it started, men wanted some good lookin women to comfort them during turbulence....but who are the ladies going to look at? They are going to look at you man...they want you to protect them....that would be cool anyway.

jch said...

I know Jeremy and the last thing Jeremy wants from this post is an all out argument over something like "women's roles in the church" as Brown Sugar puts it. But I must respond to Brown Sugar:

BS - appropriate initials for your nickname, I must say - you say, "not because I personally have something against a [woman] doing a certain thing, but better safe than sorry..."

That's hardly an argument for why we should restrict what women can do in churches. I mean, c'mon. You gotta be more mindful than "better safe than sorry." Use scriptures, think theologically, think pragmatically but don't come flinging useless rhetoric like "better safe than sorry" when talking about women and the church. That's just lazy.

out -- Joe (AKA, Proud Father of Sophia Who Will Do Anything She Wants In Life Because There Will Be No Restrictions)

Brown Sugar said... that wasn't a great argument...if it was an argument...i was at work and didn't have time to go into depth..and i was mostly responding to the rest of his post....i know what i meant anyway....i'll try to post in more detail with references so i don't seem so full of BS.....believe it or not, i do have a decent grasp of scripture and interperetation of "keep your panties on"....(so that's what i felt like saying till i realized that my first response was pretty lame when talking about something so controversial." i will get over your comment this time...but Brown Sugar is not full of BS..

Anonymous said...

Try to act more like a minister Joe... I thought you were one.

jch said...

Brown Sugar, the BS comment was a bit of a joke. I couldn't help myself. Listen, my name is Joe so if you knew how many times I've been referred to as "Joe Blow" and other variations you would know why I think names - or nicknames - are fun to mess with.

I don't doubt that you have a firm handle of scripture or that you have a much better and articulated argument for why you believe what you believe. I just want us to present ourselves - we are in a public domain - as ones who are thoughtful concerning issues regarding humanity.

As for the anonymous comment telling me to act more like a minister, I hear you. However, there are times when straightforward, honest and hard sayings/comments are needed in order to get a point across. There are times when ministers are not much different from the prophets of the OT or from the preachers of the 1st century or from the activists of the '60s.

Brown Sugar, if you are ever interested in conversing about the issue we've raised, feel free to e-mail me at

peace -- Joe

Brown Sugar said...

thanks joe

J-Wild said...

You are one of the only people I know who can pine away for "the old days" even though you were born in 1981. That's a gift my friend.

I do find it curious that you included women participating in worship among the other things that women have fought to gain the right to have. It's my understanding that some of the biggest obstacles to gender equality are in fact women. Not questioning your convictions necessarily, just saying I found it interesting.

Joe is a minister, but he isn't nuetered. How should a minister act? I would interested for you to clarify your issues with his comment. Was it the BS inference or the tone?

Rick said...

I would guess because Joe attacked BS, not his comment. How often does that go on? Too often, I surmise.

What do you think? I think we all do that too much for our own good.

J-Wild said...


Attack is a pretty strong word don't you think? Joe definately doesn't need me defending him, but I do stick up for unfair expectations placed on people because they are ministers. Like they aren't supposed to be real people or something, or that a "God standard" is more applicable to them as opposed to just regular folks.

I would agree that things in the bloggosphere can get pretty snippy (to say the least), but I kind of read Joe's comments as being more jocular in nature than mean spirited.

Rick said...

I agree, Jwild, just bringing up the possibility.

Brown Sugar said...

it's all jeremy's fault..let's blame him.

J-Wild said...

I always find it enjoyable to blame Jeremy...I'm in.

The Juice said...

dadgummit people...yeah well, i'm used to it. its my fault. i always find a way to tick people off.

Shea said...

I'm always interested to read people's views on this topic... perhaps a future blog... Jason...Joe???

J-Wild said...


Dealing with women in the church or with ministerial expectations?

Shea said...

Women's role in the church

Heather said...

Enough Already! I just want to know why Adam plays the flute.