Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I WILL be home for Christmas

One of my Xmas gifts. The Times Picayune is the New Orleans Newspaper my pop works for.

My original..true original plan was to work Christmas. I had a trip that started the 23rd of December and ran straight through Christmas. I got home on Christmas day..during the afternoon, and would try to get home that evening. If I was lucky.

At least that was the plan.

But by the Grace of God, I somehow managed to trade my 3-day trip down to a 2-day trip, which made me work just the 23rd and 24th, and giving me Christmas off.

But my parents still thought I was working.

So I talked to my brother, and we planned to surprise my parents christmas day at my aunts house in Mississippi. So I would fly into Jackson, Ms. and he would drive up, pick me up, and we would drive back.

I completely forgot the fact that my brother would have to somehow escaped the grasp of my family for a good 2 1/2 hrs...while they go to church..and not be suspicious. Not an easy task.

But the boy did a great job. He told them he forgot a present in Mobile, and he had to meet a friend in Hattiesburg to go get it. They bought it, but he had to dodge some harrassing and inquisitive questions to pull it off.

But he showed up right as I walked out, and boy did we give my family a shock. It was great.

So then I just did the whole Christmas thing in Mississippi, with both sides of the family. With my Dad's side of the family, we had a photo session.

Awwwwwwwww. Oh, and props to my cuz Hayley FOR TAKING SUCH
AN OUTSTANDING PICTURE! oh, and yes THAT IS my brother, and ladies, YES HE IS SINGLE..i least he's not married, i do know that.

My sweet grandma and her "suiter!"
The Whole Fam...Together.
The cousins...and Grandma! I like this picture because a few of us are scared..of something..not sure what, but look at the faces! Oh, and Maggie, WAKE UP!

Then we headed home to Louisiana Christmas night. They were so nice as to wait for me before we had Christmas morning-Santa n' presents n' stuff, we ended up doing it the morning of the 26th. And my dad, being the hopeless romantic/drama queen he is, turned on the train that morning, which carried around the tree the Christmas Egg he had painted (a Jackson family...err..Ted Family tradition) and a present for my mom. (ok, all together now..AWWWWW) So we opened presents from Santa and from each other..we laughed..we just kidding. we just laughed and ate breakfast and watched Seinfeld episodes from the DVD's I got.

Ladies and Gents..The man loves his trains.

The Woman knows how to take a picture

The evening of the 26th, we had our famous Christmas steak n' potatoes dinner. This was the scene. It included my mom's famous sweet tea and slipping bits of steak to the already spoiled Doberman, Jasmine.

Dinner table set

The Next day was ridiculously warm (or was it the next day? I don't remember), so we took the sailboat out on the lake. My brother chose to leave us to go back to Mobile, so it was just the three of us.

Captain at the Helm

Don't look at me to tie that knot...

Don't get mad at me for taking pictures..OH HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED...

Nice hat, Nancy

Get off there!!! I can't sail by myself!! We're headed towards disaster...LAZY!

This one got picked up with the tide during Katrina...and got misplaced in the process

So uhh..yeah that was pretty much my Christmas. I'm back in Chicago now. Cya!


PS If for some reason your picture made the blog and you are unhappy about it, then please write your name and your reason for not liking it on the back of a $50 bill and hand it to me on the way out.

Monday, December 26, 2005

hold ur horses

I'm enjoying christmas with my family, I'll be back either wednesday or thursday. see ya then!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Jowler Del Jugo!

So I took a cue from my boy Grubbsy and decided to do some Jowlin' of my own!!! If you're not aware what Jowlin' is, and you can't figure it out by the pictures, and you didn't read grubbsy's blog, its basically shaking your head really fast and taking a pic in the middle of it. It creates quite the headache, but quite fun when its over!! As an added bonus, I got my roommate in on the act, though shes not aware yet that her pic is on the internet. I'll tell her when she gets home.

I hope you had some good laughs. Merry Christmas!


Monday, December 19, 2005


Santa Monica, Ca 12-17-05

No mom, I'm not calling you out. Promise. I'm calling myself out.

If your completely baffled and slightly interested by that last statement, then by all means, read on.

No seriously, I wrote that last post because I really didn't have a whole lot else to write, so I made something up..or something that I've been pondering lately, but since I've slept on it, I think its lame and makes me look lame. Though I did leave it posted, for all you who are bored at work. But i reposted the pic because i strangely like it.

Anyone else like it? Or is it just me. I took it thinking it wouldn't be much, but theres something about it that strikes me. Lemme know if you figure it out. Or even if you agree in that its kinda cool.

Anyways, Adam "Brown Sugar" Brown just blogged about nicknames, and it brought me back to my youth, and a few nicknames that me and my friends had.

I have no idea where we got it from, and it will definitely strike you as slightly strange, but in all hilarity and absurdity, its true.

Robbie, Justin, Alton, Albert, and I all called each other by our mom's names.

Go ahead, read it again. We did. Ask my mom. I'm sure she heard it.

In other words, I was known as Nancy, Robbie as Gail, Justin as Terri (though at some point he got away with getting called his dad's name..wayne) and Alton and Albert, who are twins, were called Barbara..or "BARB" for short.

This started out probably my sophomore or junior year of High school. I was the oldest, and none of us were the same age, so obviously they were younger when it started. But once it started, it didn't stop.

We never called each other by our real names. I think for a while I forgot their real names. It got so bad, that Wayne, Justin's dad, got mad at him one day and yelled at him by HIS name..Wayne. something like "HEY WAYNE!!! GET OVER HERE!!!" When in all actuallity his sons name was Justin, not his own.

To this day, sometimes I'll call Gail and call him..well..Gail.

I think it all started with "yo momma" jokes. But instead we started using our parents real names instead of "momma" and it kinda morphed from there.

Anyways, in other news, my dear ipod was recently stolen. And we were so close. I miss him.

Oh, and I've decided to do a picture of the week, such as the one above..usually from places that I have been during the week. Cool?


Sunday, December 18, 2005

I'm not a creepy guy!!!

Santa Monica, Ca 12/17/05
A couple weeks ago it started snowing. And like usual, I had a fever...and the only prescription..was a little adventure.
So I did something that I'd never done before, hopped on my bike, and tore down the snow covered street, slipping and sliding, all the way down to the lakefront. I wanted to use my new camera, but I was tired of just taking pictures of snow and trees and in-animate objects. As I sat there on my bike under an overpass, I saw a lady with a dog. I thought it would be cool to take pictures of someone playing with they're dog in the snow. But as I sat there trying to decide if/how to approach this person to ask if I could take pictures, she quickly noticed me staring and un-obviously...ran away.
So I found someone else, and instead of pondering, I didn't give her a chance to run and I went straight towards her. I could see she was slightly scared, but I politely asked if I could just take some pictures, as I was just having some fun in the snow. She agreed, and the rest is history.
When I got home, I told Diedra about my experience, and I commented about how its a shame that these days people get so creeped out by an approaching stranger. Maybe I just wanted to meet a new friend. Would that be so bad? Unfortunately in most circumstates, the "ifs" in that persons mind usually outweigh the "most probably's" when it comes to approaching strangers.
This has a lot to do with why I don't have a girlfriend. I see plenty of girls I'd like to get to know, but in most cases its close to impossible to get to know them without being creepy. I've heard of guys approaching strange women in places such as bus stops, but sorry, I'm not Brad Pitt. It doesn't work that way for me.
Some of you right now are thinking "oh c'mon, yes you can!!"
I think I already proved my point when I told you about the lady running away from me.
Anyways, me not having a girlfriend is really not the point. I'm just saying that it's very difficult to start a conversation with a stranger without being "that creepy guy."
But I've also noticed an explosion of internet dating-services-usage. I'm wondering if this is in some way less creepy that being approached by a guy in person. I'm slightly confused on the whole idea. I've got a lot of friends who've recently used them and are now dating people or are married to people they have met through such services.
I'm curious where the line is between creepy and not creepy. why is it all of a sudden more acceptable all of a sudden to meet people online where anyone can be anyone than to be approached by a complete stranger?
I don't have answers, just lots of questions.
And one more question: On kickoff in football, if its so windy, like it is in chicago tonight, and there has to be a holder for the ball, what if the holder quickly pulls the ball away before the kicker can kick it, like on charlie brown?? Would they be penalized? Or would it be just really funny?

Monday, December 12, 2005

Final Descent

Yesterday I decided to whip out my new camera as we made our final approach into the Houston Hobby airport. I got some cool shots, especially ones where we were turning. You know when you're in the plane and when the plane turns, it feels like the plane is just tilting a bit? Well heres proof that the thing actually turns! Enjoy!


P.s. And those of you who wanted them, I hope you got them because I resized all of the pics so they are minuscule in size.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

I'm here!

Hey sorry. Wow, almost a week without posting. Seems like forever. Things are very interesting these days, I'm sure you all realize. But you read this knowing that I was not involved in what happened. I was sitting comfortably at home, and what I saw made my stomach church a lil'.

But anyways, I won't say much for fear that someone of importance will read this, track me down, and fire me for saying something that I shouldn't. But to let you know I went to work the morning after and things are runnin' smoothly, passengers don't seem bothered. Anyways, I'll come up with something better to post in a few. Cya, and thanks for the calls!!!


Monday, December 05, 2005

I got yo back, Bev

Hey guys! The new issue of The Digital Journalist came out today. Whats that, you ask? It's an online magazine that recently did an article on my dad. So do yourself a favor and check it out! You can look at the pictures or click on "introduction" to view the article. Beverly Spicer wrote it, hence the title of this blog. Hopefully I'll help her get some hits.

In other news, I did one of the crazier things ever yesterday. Just don't think less of me after I tell you the story.

So yesterday I went to pick up Cherie at 10:15 for church, just like our usual Sunday routine. It had snowed a good bit the night before, and since we are both southerners, we very much enjoy the snow. When she got in the car we chatted about how we need to enjoy the snow and go play in it. One thing led to another, and the idea of snow tubing in Wisconsin came up. She suggested the next weekend, but unfortunately I'm working every weekend from here on out. There was a short pause, I looked at her, and said "Well, we could go now."

And we did.

I pulled a U-turn right there in the middle of the street, took her back to her house, she changed, went back to my house, I changed, and we were on the road by 10:45.

3 and a half hours later...yes, THREE AND A HALF!! (we took the long way on accident on the way up there) we were in nowhere Wisconsin (which is most of Wisconsin, by the way). We planned on going to Wisconsin Dells, but fortunately we found a snow tubing place 20 miles closer. So we went there.

Did we snowtube? Nope.

We skiied instead. And it was really great. I was surprised at the quality of such a ski slope in Wisconsin of all places. Unfortunately for us, I think the temperature hovered around 15 degrees the whole time, and maybe dipped into single digits when the sun went down. I know this because when I got off a run that took me all of 3 minutes to get down, my face was completely numb.

A few hrs later, we were so cold we couldn't bear it anymore, so we up and left and drove the 3 hrs back to Chicago.

A day well spent, I'd have to say. Even though we didn't go to church that morning. We'll make up for it on Wednesday.


Saturday, December 03, 2005

Cloudy? Act Like it

I'm inside on a saturday. I've got an entire day of awesome college football on tap. Its a great day for it, mid-20s outside, chance of snow, cloudy, overcast, the good ole' sun is nowhere to be seen. i should call the city and ask them to turn on the street lamps its so dark oustide. Typical Chicago winter day.

Then I glance outside my window, and I see a gentleman stroll by my window, with his shades on. And when I mean shades, I mean sunglasses. Used to protect one's eyes from the sun. Unfortunately for this guy, there is no sun today, so its fairly obvious that he's using his sunglasses to

I hate when people try to be cool. Especially when its completely obvious . I see people all the time inside with their sunglasses on. Cloudy days with sunglasses on. I can't stand it. It's like the guy in H.S. or college who wears shorts and flip flops when its snowing outside just to prove to everybody that he's a man. When in fact its just proving that he's a neanderthal. Hey how 'bout we start using umbrellas inside. that'd be cool.

Hey man, just because you're wearing your sunglasses inside DOES NOT mean that I want to come over, shake your hand, and want to be your friend. It's not gonna happen, so quit acting like it is. Quit acting like every woman that comes in contact with you is going to WANT YOU because they can't see your eyes. Its pathetic.

I have a nice winter ski jacket from Patagonia that my friend in NY helped me get. That does not mean that I wear it when its 90 degrees outside. I dress in what makes me feel comfortable. If I'm not cool because of it, then I'm really not interested in being your friend.

All I'm asking is that people be themselves. If the sun is in your eyes, put your shades on. cold? wear a jacket. hot? take it off. raining? use an umbrella. Don't do the opposite just to draw attention to yourself.

And for cryin' out loud don't turn a swan into a dress.