Monday, December 19, 2005


Santa Monica, Ca 12-17-05

No mom, I'm not calling you out. Promise. I'm calling myself out.

If your completely baffled and slightly interested by that last statement, then by all means, read on.

No seriously, I wrote that last post because I really didn't have a whole lot else to write, so I made something up..or something that I've been pondering lately, but since I've slept on it, I think its lame and makes me look lame. Though I did leave it posted, for all you who are bored at work. But i reposted the pic because i strangely like it.

Anyone else like it? Or is it just me. I took it thinking it wouldn't be much, but theres something about it that strikes me. Lemme know if you figure it out. Or even if you agree in that its kinda cool.

Anyways, Adam "Brown Sugar" Brown just blogged about nicknames, and it brought me back to my youth, and a few nicknames that me and my friends had.

I have no idea where we got it from, and it will definitely strike you as slightly strange, but in all hilarity and absurdity, its true.

Robbie, Justin, Alton, Albert, and I all called each other by our mom's names.

Go ahead, read it again. We did. Ask my mom. I'm sure she heard it.

In other words, I was known as Nancy, Robbie as Gail, Justin as Terri (though at some point he got away with getting called his dad's name..wayne) and Alton and Albert, who are twins, were called Barbara..or "BARB" for short.

This started out probably my sophomore or junior year of High school. I was the oldest, and none of us were the same age, so obviously they were younger when it started. But once it started, it didn't stop.

We never called each other by our real names. I think for a while I forgot their real names. It got so bad, that Wayne, Justin's dad, got mad at him one day and yelled at him by HIS name..Wayne. something like "HEY WAYNE!!! GET OVER HERE!!!" When in all actuallity his sons name was Justin, not his own.

To this day, sometimes I'll call Gail and call him..well..Gail.

I think it all started with "yo momma" jokes. But instead we started using our parents real names instead of "momma" and it kinda morphed from there.

Anyways, in other news, my dear ipod was recently stolen. And we were so close. I miss him.

Oh, and I've decided to do a picture of the week, such as the one above..usually from places that I have been during the week. Cool?



Tidmore said...

You even kept doing that in college. I remember thinking for the longest time that Justin's name was Wayne.

Also that picture is great. I agree that there's just something about it thats great even though you can't put your finger on it. Keep up the good work, I think you've even inspired me to get out my camera and take some pictures over the break. (Although it will take a while sine the one I plan on using isn't digital)

Brown Sugar said...

the picture is very good..although it's black and white, it still looks cold to me..but it's what you see on a cold evening looking out a warm coffee shop window...waiting for the busyness to calm and you can have a quiet walk or bike ride home....then when you get hope you go post a blog about your experience while sitting next to a fire with a cute girl in pigtails and a beanie sipping on some hot cocoa on the couch......that's what i see in the picture.....sorry..i'm a visualist and romantisist..and that may not be what everyone sees...but that would be danged cool.

Anonymous said...

Very nice picture. Black and white is always so dramatic and serious. I think that the prospective and framing is what makes it so interesting and captivating.

A pix of the week is a good idea, Nancy.

Anonymous said...

Very nice picture. Black and white is always so dramatic and serious. I think that the prospective and framing is what makes it so interesting and captivating.

A pix of the week is a good idea, Nancy.

Brown Sugar said... are elements that make it a good picture...#1- the time of day makes for good lighting have dark darks and light lights....#2- there is a definate vanishing point....the building and road and lines of people will all fade to a point....#3 is obviously the contrast from movement to stillness...#4 is repetition..the cars, people, and buildings create a pleasing repetition as it goes back into the background.#5..the placement is very somewhat follow the rule of thirds which means there are significant elements that fall on lines that would separate the picture into thirds up and down, left and right.....hard to explain that one

of course not all of the rules are necessary for great pictures..but it's something i learned from photography...but what do i know..i only took 1 semester.

The Future said...

Nice one, Kathy.

Malaysian Debster said...

Pic of the week is good, Juice.

J-Wild said...

It is a great picture. Before I read your post I thought it was one your dad took. You have some skills bro. I like the picture because of it's almost immediate ability to feel familiar.

I feel like I have been on that street, at that time of day, during that time of year. I feel as though I have been on the corner having just walked out of a store and now I wait for the light to turn red so I can cross the street. Then right before we can cross the taxi speeds up to make it through the light. I feel like I live this a hundered times a day, so that's why I really like it.

The nickname thing....yea don't tell that story to a Freudian Psychoanylst...I don't think you would like the conclusion he or she might come to about you and your friends.

The Future said...

That their mom's are hot?

Sounds like J-Wild is jealous...