Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I WILL be home for Christmas

One of my Xmas gifts. The Times Picayune is the New Orleans Newspaper my pop works for.

My original..true original plan was to work Christmas. I had a trip that started the 23rd of December and ran straight through Christmas. I got home on Christmas day..during the afternoon, and would try to get home that evening. If I was lucky.

At least that was the plan.

But by the Grace of God, I somehow managed to trade my 3-day trip down to a 2-day trip, which made me work just the 23rd and 24th, and giving me Christmas off.

But my parents still thought I was working.

So I talked to my brother, and we planned to surprise my parents christmas day at my aunts house in Mississippi. So I would fly into Jackson, Ms. and he would drive up, pick me up, and we would drive back.

I completely forgot the fact that my brother would have to somehow escaped the grasp of my family for a good 2 1/2 hrs...while they go to church..and not be suspicious. Not an easy task.

But the boy did a great job. He told them he forgot a present in Mobile, and he had to meet a friend in Hattiesburg to go get it. They bought it, but he had to dodge some harrassing and inquisitive questions to pull it off.

But he showed up right as I walked out, and boy did we give my family a shock. It was great.

So then I just did the whole Christmas thing in Mississippi, with both sides of the family. With my Dad's side of the family, we had a photo session.

Awwwwwwwww. Oh, and props to my cuz Hayley FOR TAKING SUCH
AN OUTSTANDING PICTURE! oh, and yes THAT IS my brother, and ladies, YES HE IS SINGLE..i least he's not married, i do know that.

My sweet grandma and her "suiter!"
The Whole Fam...Together.
The cousins...and Grandma! I like this picture because a few of us are scared..of something..not sure what, but look at the faces! Oh, and Maggie, WAKE UP!

Then we headed home to Louisiana Christmas night. They were so nice as to wait for me before we had Christmas morning-Santa n' presents n' stuff, we ended up doing it the morning of the 26th. And my dad, being the hopeless romantic/drama queen he is, turned on the train that morning, which carried around the tree the Christmas Egg he had painted (a Jackson family...err..Ted Family tradition) and a present for my mom. (ok, all together now..AWWWWW) So we opened presents from Santa and from each other..we laughed..we just kidding. we just laughed and ate breakfast and watched Seinfeld episodes from the DVD's I got.

Ladies and Gents..The man loves his trains.

The Woman knows how to take a picture

The evening of the 26th, we had our famous Christmas steak n' potatoes dinner. This was the scene. It included my mom's famous sweet tea and slipping bits of steak to the already spoiled Doberman, Jasmine.

Dinner table set

The Next day was ridiculously warm (or was it the next day? I don't remember), so we took the sailboat out on the lake. My brother chose to leave us to go back to Mobile, so it was just the three of us.

Captain at the Helm

Don't look at me to tie that knot...

Don't get mad at me for taking pictures..OH HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED...

Nice hat, Nancy

Get off there!!! I can't sail by myself!! We're headed towards disaster...LAZY!

This one got picked up with the tide during Katrina...and got misplaced in the process

So uhh..yeah that was pretty much my Christmas. I'm back in Chicago now. Cya!


PS If for some reason your picture made the blog and you are unhappy about it, then please write your name and your reason for not liking it on the back of a $50 bill and hand it to me on the way out.


The Future said...

Now when you say "Nice hat, Nancy" are you referring to yourself or your mom? Your last post confused me like that!

Great pics. Good Christmas. My family all liked hearing what you've been up to.

laura g said...

do you EVER take off that Colorado sweatshirt? i guess only for the T-P shirt, huh?

The Juice said...

i am a hoody man, sister! and its the only one that i've got....

Cherese said...

Hey j-rimmy. noticed I'm still not on your list. that hurts man. it really hurts....

Happy new year:)

Kelli said...

Jeremy! I was excited to happen across your blog! Hope you are doing great, it is obvious you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year!..kelli hooper-now-galyean