Sunday, December 18, 2005

I'm not a creepy guy!!!

Santa Monica, Ca 12/17/05
A couple weeks ago it started snowing. And like usual, I had a fever...and the only prescription..was a little adventure.
So I did something that I'd never done before, hopped on my bike, and tore down the snow covered street, slipping and sliding, all the way down to the lakefront. I wanted to use my new camera, but I was tired of just taking pictures of snow and trees and in-animate objects. As I sat there on my bike under an overpass, I saw a lady with a dog. I thought it would be cool to take pictures of someone playing with they're dog in the snow. But as I sat there trying to decide if/how to approach this person to ask if I could take pictures, she quickly noticed me staring and un-obviously...ran away.
So I found someone else, and instead of pondering, I didn't give her a chance to run and I went straight towards her. I could see she was slightly scared, but I politely asked if I could just take some pictures, as I was just having some fun in the snow. She agreed, and the rest is history.
When I got home, I told Diedra about my experience, and I commented about how its a shame that these days people get so creeped out by an approaching stranger. Maybe I just wanted to meet a new friend. Would that be so bad? Unfortunately in most circumstates, the "ifs" in that persons mind usually outweigh the "most probably's" when it comes to approaching strangers.
This has a lot to do with why I don't have a girlfriend. I see plenty of girls I'd like to get to know, but in most cases its close to impossible to get to know them without being creepy. I've heard of guys approaching strange women in places such as bus stops, but sorry, I'm not Brad Pitt. It doesn't work that way for me.
Some of you right now are thinking "oh c'mon, yes you can!!"
I think I already proved my point when I told you about the lady running away from me.
Anyways, me not having a girlfriend is really not the point. I'm just saying that it's very difficult to start a conversation with a stranger without being "that creepy guy."
But I've also noticed an explosion of internet dating-services-usage. I'm wondering if this is in some way less creepy that being approached by a guy in person. I'm slightly confused on the whole idea. I've got a lot of friends who've recently used them and are now dating people or are married to people they have met through such services.
I'm curious where the line is between creepy and not creepy. why is it all of a sudden more acceptable all of a sudden to meet people online where anyone can be anyone than to be approached by a complete stranger?
I don't have answers, just lots of questions.
And one more question: On kickoff in football, if its so windy, like it is in chicago tonight, and there has to be a holder for the ball, what if the holder quickly pulls the ball away before the kicker can kick it, like on charlie brown?? Would they be penalized? Or would it be just really funny?


Tidmore said...

Hey You Jerk!
I'm sitting in my apartment most of the day on a Saturday with nothing to do while my wife is out of town and my old roomate is in town and like 10 min up the road from me!
Come On!!!! Seriously give me a call next time, I was even in Santa Monica for a little while yesterday! JERK!

Ok I'm not seriously about the Jerk part, but Come On!!!!

The Juice said...

Oops. My bad T. I'll call ya next time. I think I overestimate the distance between L.A. and Pepperdine. Ill know better next time.

Timothy said...

While I lived in Oxford, there were days that I would walk down town to just shoot photographs and my favorite subject was always people. People always fascinate me… The first few times I went out, I was a little uneasy shooting photographs of people. Although after awhile, you just get in a "zone" looking for good photographs to take. When you're in the zone you don't care what other people think and you focus on shooting good pictures and you bring less attention to yourself. And when you feel perfectly comfortable taking photographs, people don't suspect anything.

Once you are comfortable and at ease, go out on a limb for change and approach people. Tell them you're a photographer and there's a moment here that you want to capture and if the images look bad nobody will see them, but if they look great you'll send them one. If you project confidence, you'll put other people at ease. You'll be a natural and if they say no… Just thank them anyway and move on. If they say yes, and its a beautiful woman… Get her number/email address so you can send her the picture…!

And one last rule to live by… When you notice somebody that you want to approach, don't waste anymore then 3 seconds thinking about it. Any longer and the whole "if's" and "most probably's" will start popping into your head. Its natural and those questions will never cease!!! So just avoid the questions altogether and dive in! Otherwise you'll sit there for 30 seconds and convince yourself you really shouldn't… And you'll lose your opportunity and psych yourself out…!!

The Future said...

So you not having a girlfriend wasn't the point?

I'm confused...

I would have asked Tidmore to take a picture, since he was so close, but that's just me.

Tidmore said...

You and me both "The Future", you and me both!