Sunday, January 29, 2006


April 2008 I want to take a trekking excursion in Peru up to Machu Picchu. I'm lookin for people to come with. I know a lot of you think I'm wishy washy on stuff like this, that I'll never do it..but I really want to. I'm giving myself plenty of time to raise money and assemble a crew together.

It's a 11 day trip inside the country of Peru, 3 nights tent camping and 7 in a hotel. For all the information go here.

Why April? It's less crowded, plane tickets to Peru are cheaper, and the greens ARE REALLY GREEN. thats not golfing greens. though i'm sure they could be.

Its expensive, I won' t lie. But you got a full year to save up money. That should be plenty. It'll run about 2,700 to 3,100, depending on how many people we get, and that doesn't include the flight to peru, which could be about 1,000 extra.

That includes everything from food, equipment, flights inside the country, and donkeys to carry our gear!!

So I want people who are seriously up for this. Theres hiking and white water rafting involved. Should be fun!!!


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

All work..and all play!

Picture of the Week: San Diego, Ca

Yes, this is the view from my hotel room

Another View

A typical overnight for me goes pretty much like this: you get in, get your room, pull out the chair and watch t.v. Theres a big reason for this. When you get up early, you get in really tired. Once you sit on that bed, you're toast. You'll be out within minutes, leaving you wired when its time to go to bed at 9pm. Not a good situtation. So sit on the chair, and you're better off.

If theres a mall or something around, you go wander around, get sick of teeny boppers and remember that comfy chair back in your hotel and the seinfeld marathon running on TBS. You know where you should be.

So you do that until an early dinner time that you previously arranged with your crew, go down to the hotel restaurant with the 35% discount, eat dinner, and head to bed early. Thats pretty much what happens.

Unless you have 19 hrs in Salt Lake City.

When I think of Salt Lake I think of skiing. Thats what I want to do. So I brought my ski clothes and left my board at home. (I've heard that they will put your stuff underneath the plane for you if you can just bring it down there yourself..idunno though.)

So we got in at 11:30 MT and got to the hotel shortly therafter. I ran upstairs, changed, grabbed my backpack, and headed across the street to a ski shop that rented me a snowboard and got me my twighlight lift ticket at Brighton resort for a total of a whopping $60. (Cheeap) The van driver then gave me a lift over to a car rental place, got me a NICE Dodge Neon (I was slightly concerned over its ability to climb up a mountain) and I was on my way.

they gave me the "male flight attendant special" when it came to snowboards. I dunno what they were thinking, but the top was brown, and the bottom was PINK, with a rainbow on it. A FREAKING RAINBOW! There was a small one on the top, too. But being secure in my mascualinity as I am, I took it and left. I didn't have time to waste on frivilous things.

A little later I realized that I had had NOTHING to eat all day long, so it took me about 10 minutes on the road to convince myself that I needed to sacrafice 5 minutes to stop and get some food. I grabbed a crappy half hoagie from the refrigerated food section at some corner convenience store. It tasted like plastic, but it got me through dinner without having to spend $20 on food on the mountain.

I was on a lift by 2pm MT. Why did I choose Brighton? Night skiing. I could stay till 9 if I wanted. though I chose not to for 2 reasons: It was FREEZING up there. Especially at night. I'm sure it was in the teens, which pretty much leaves you with a numb face by the time you make it down the run.. Plus I was slightly concerned about getting down icy mountain roads in a neon with no four-wheel drive and no chains. Not going there..thanks.

I left at 6, giving me 4 full hours of skiing. It was beautiful being up there during sunset.

And just knowing that TECHNICALLY I was still working...It was even more beautiful.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Picture of the Week: Spokane, Washington

I guess you could call it Rash. Yeah, it WAS a little extreme. It kinda popped up on me and I'm really not sure what I'm gonna do now. Because its gone. Maybe she's crazy. She's got a few screws loose. But in the end we're Nomads as it is. It's probably better off somewhere else. We didn't treat it well. We're always gone. Who needs it? In fact, I didn't really like it anyway. It was ugly. It did need a new owner, someone who would take care of it better.

But oh how it took care of me. Those lonely nights when it comforted me. Sure it wasn't the nicest, but you know the saying: "you don't know what you have until its gone. " I'm gonna miss it.


The girl who bought it asked Diedra: "So, when are you guys moving?"


Thats a long time from now.


Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hellloooo 25! And back to work.

Hi, my name is Jeremy. I'm 25, single, looking for a nice girl....

My vacation is over...and it has come too soon. I don't wanna go back to work. But who does, right?
Ok lets dive right in, shall we? I took Kent on a visit to our old pal Brandon and Lori Carter out in Salt Lake City. It was quite the ordeal getting out there, since obviously we were both flying standby. I warned Kent of the adventure that could ensue (missed flights, lost bags, who knows?). I showed up early in Chicago on thursday morning to make sure I got on a flight.....aaand I got on a flight that was leaving 2 hrs prior to the one I was planning on starting with. Oh well. I was meeting Kent in Phoenix and we would ride together to the SLC. I got to Phx at I waited 5 hrs for Kent, then an additional 3 for our flight out. But we made it. We had a blast hanging with the Carters. We caught up, reminisced about college days, went out to dinner, discussed the Mormons, put up a Chandelier, and..oh yeah. skiied. (Ski pics couresy Kent Brantly's camera..I was about to lug mine up to the top of the mountain only to fall and have it crushed under my heavy torso. )



The snow was perfect. The weather was perfect. We skiied perfectly...sometimes. (cept for the time I had a full blown colission with Kent. Ouch.

We took off Saturday afternoon to make sure Kent got home for his classes on Monday (ha! like med school is important). It also enabled me to do something OTHER than travel home on my birthday, only to spend it by myself.

I got home saturday night (7th) and call Timmy in Dallas on my way home, to see if they were too busy to let me hang out for a few days. (It was Adam and Tim's turn to host me) We eventually came up with the great idea of pulling a reverse surprise bday party. Instead of people throwing a surprise party for me, I would in turn throw a surprise party for myself..only it would be them who would be surprised.

Tim got the guys together for dinner (I think they were under the impression that Adam had a grand announcement to make) while I made my way to Dallas on sunday. We had dinner at the Cheesecake factory, everybody got seated (cept for me, of course..i was hiding at the bar). A few minutes past and I strolled out and started taking pictures.

Surprise!!! Welcome to my bday party!!

I think this party was the first of its kind...though I can't actually back that up. We all had a good time. Zach got me to do the "How do the little piggies eat???" routine. If you've ever seen "A Christmas Story" you know just what I'm talking about. It's almost tradition between me and Zach at inappropriate times. The couple next to us thought it was funny. Apparently so did Nikki.

Mom and know you're proud. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't on the internet, right?

So I stayed in Dallas from sunday to thursday morning. We mostly just enjoyed the company and played a plethera of tennis..a staple in Dallas. And after almost a complete year of visiting Dallas every month and playing tennis ALMOST EVERY TIME, I've finally come to the conclusion that I STINK. For serious. Anna Kournakova would kick my tail. But wait...since when is that a bad thing?

Photo courtesy of Zachary "The Prophecy" Nieland

Debbie DOES NOT like her picture taken.

Thursday morning I headed to Orlando, Fl to meet up with my long lost friends Stormy and Brooke. We all went through training together, and we're all based at opposite ends of the country. (me: Chicago Stormy: Orlando Brooke: Oakland) We originally had plans to scuba dive, but it kinda fell through so it was a pretty uneventful day and a half. We just visited, swam, ran errands, and ate. ate a lot.

So here I am, back at home. Like I said, I gotta go to work tomorrow...BOY HOWDY DO I HAVE TO WORK. I'll be gone 10 of the next 12 days.

But heres a stroke of luck that I encountered today. I started some laundry down in our laundry room, which is in our basement. We share it with the upstairs neighbors, so theres a locking door between the laundry room and our apartment. I went in, shut the door, and it locked behind me. Oops. I had access to outside, so I went out and began trying windows. Nothing. They were all locked. It was 35 degrees outside..not TOOO bad..but still cold. I really didn't know what to do. Then it hit me. While Stormy lived in Chicago we gave her a key to our place. Well she took that key with her to Orlando..and just last night she gave it back...and I put it into my pocket..of the VERY JEANS I WAS WEARING!!

I reached into my left pocked and voila!!! there it was!!!

I must be doing something right.


Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year...TO ME

PICTURE OF THE WEEK: Kansas City, Mo. I wish I could have found some cows being slaughtered for some Midwest BBQ, but no such luck.
On the top of my list this evening is a definite thank you to my pal Laura Gore, or there are some who call her...LG? for spending her New Years with me. Actually, I take that back. Thanks for spending your new years WAITING for me. I scheduled myself an overnight on new years in Nashville, and my plane was scheduled to land at 11:35pm on new years eve. We got slowed down slightly and ended up 10 minutes late. I came barrelling out of the airport at 12:03am amidst my passengers mumbling to themselves "well, he's got a party to attend."
I'm on vacation. I'm offically off for a really long time.
Ok so my vacation actually doesn't start until January 8th (Elvis' Birthday), and I was supposed to work today. But I really didn't feel like it and I kinda wanted to start this party a little early. So I woke up at 2:30am (actually I didn't even get to bed until 2 b/c my flight didnt land until midnight) and got on the computer to trade my trip to later in the month. (another perk of the job...flexibility) In doing so, I effectively increased my vacation to 2 weeks. (Though only 1 is paid).
This is my first ever paid vacation. And I know everyone is thinking "jeremy your life is a vacation." But seriously, working for an airline during the holidays is not always glamorous. I really almost became the evil flight attendant that most of us know and love. You deal with a lot, and sometimes all the small things eat away at you. Luckily I went to the back of the plane, took a long, deeeeep breath, told Wendi that I just wanted to stand here for a minute and stare at the wall..and then she offered me xanex..seriously she was ready to give it to me right there.
Anyways, I have big plans for my vacation, which includes a couple of days to unwind, then skiing in salt lake city with KENT!, and a visit to my old pals Stormy and Brooke in Orlando, which may include some Scuba diving. Not sure how blogging will fit into all of it..and to be honest I don't expect it to, but who knows. Maybe I'll surprise ya.
PS: And I almost forgot, we had another celebrity sighting on our flight from Nashville to Phoenix: Brooks and Dunn! We had an idea that it was them the whole time, but we couldn't confirm it until they got off. It's better off that way, I don't like to bother people like that.