Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hellloooo 25! And back to work.

Hi, my name is Jeremy. I'm 25, single, looking for a nice girl....

My vacation is over...and it has come too soon. I don't wanna go back to work. But who does, right?
Ok lets dive right in, shall we? I took Kent on a visit to our old pal Brandon and Lori Carter out in Salt Lake City. It was quite the ordeal getting out there, since obviously we were both flying standby. I warned Kent of the adventure that could ensue (missed flights, lost bags, who knows?). I showed up early in Chicago on thursday morning to make sure I got on a flight.....aaand I got on a flight that was leaving 2 hrs prior to the one I was planning on starting with. Oh well. I was meeting Kent in Phoenix and we would ride together to the SLC. I got to Phx at I waited 5 hrs for Kent, then an additional 3 for our flight out. But we made it. We had a blast hanging with the Carters. We caught up, reminisced about college days, went out to dinner, discussed the Mormons, put up a Chandelier, and..oh yeah. skiied. (Ski pics couresy Kent Brantly's camera..I was about to lug mine up to the top of the mountain only to fall and have it crushed under my heavy torso. )



The snow was perfect. The weather was perfect. We skiied perfectly...sometimes. (cept for the time I had a full blown colission with Kent. Ouch.

We took off Saturday afternoon to make sure Kent got home for his classes on Monday (ha! like med school is important). It also enabled me to do something OTHER than travel home on my birthday, only to spend it by myself.

I got home saturday night (7th) and call Timmy in Dallas on my way home, to see if they were too busy to let me hang out for a few days. (It was Adam and Tim's turn to host me) We eventually came up with the great idea of pulling a reverse surprise bday party. Instead of people throwing a surprise party for me, I would in turn throw a surprise party for myself..only it would be them who would be surprised.

Tim got the guys together for dinner (I think they were under the impression that Adam had a grand announcement to make) while I made my way to Dallas on sunday. We had dinner at the Cheesecake factory, everybody got seated (cept for me, of course..i was hiding at the bar). A few minutes past and I strolled out and started taking pictures.

Surprise!!! Welcome to my bday party!!

I think this party was the first of its kind...though I can't actually back that up. We all had a good time. Zach got me to do the "How do the little piggies eat???" routine. If you've ever seen "A Christmas Story" you know just what I'm talking about. It's almost tradition between me and Zach at inappropriate times. The couple next to us thought it was funny. Apparently so did Nikki.

Mom and know you're proud. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't on the internet, right?

So I stayed in Dallas from sunday to thursday morning. We mostly just enjoyed the company and played a plethera of tennis..a staple in Dallas. And after almost a complete year of visiting Dallas every month and playing tennis ALMOST EVERY TIME, I've finally come to the conclusion that I STINK. For serious. Anna Kournakova would kick my tail. But wait...since when is that a bad thing?

Photo courtesy of Zachary "The Prophecy" Nieland

Debbie DOES NOT like her picture taken.

Thursday morning I headed to Orlando, Fl to meet up with my long lost friends Stormy and Brooke. We all went through training together, and we're all based at opposite ends of the country. (me: Chicago Stormy: Orlando Brooke: Oakland) We originally had plans to scuba dive, but it kinda fell through so it was a pretty uneventful day and a half. We just visited, swam, ran errands, and ate. ate a lot.

So here I am, back at home. Like I said, I gotta go to work tomorrow...BOY HOWDY DO I HAVE TO WORK. I'll be gone 10 of the next 12 days.

But heres a stroke of luck that I encountered today. I started some laundry down in our laundry room, which is in our basement. We share it with the upstairs neighbors, so theres a locking door between the laundry room and our apartment. I went in, shut the door, and it locked behind me. Oops. I had access to outside, so I went out and began trying windows. Nothing. They were all locked. It was 35 degrees outside..not TOOO bad..but still cold. I really didn't know what to do. Then it hit me. While Stormy lived in Chicago we gave her a key to our place. Well she took that key with her to Orlando..and just last night she gave it back...and I put it into my pocket..of the VERY JEANS I WAS WEARING!!

I reached into my left pocked and voila!!! there it was!!!

I must be doing something right.



Malaysian Debster said...

Dang it, how come I didn't see that picture when I loaded your pictures on my laptop? No fair!!! Btw, also love that cozy pic of you and the girls. Fun stuff. ;)

david said...

a very merry birthday to you, mr. jackson.

i was just thinking of that pet mold, facetious, yesterday. remember that? good times.

The Juice said...

hahaha. how could i forget facetious??? he's one of my favorite stories. that and the time i woke up on saturday morning at like 8 to find you in my room playing playstation.

LoriLoo310 said...

We have receieved so many compliments on that chandelier, thanks to you and Kent! It was a fun time, come visit us again soon.