Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Birthday Surprises

All the hands it took to light all the candles on the cake
whew! just like 99% of the other people who blog, I'm gonna make an excuse and apologize for being away for so long. But even though I'm gonna apologize, it's not entirely my fault. Work has been sending me to small corners of the country and back, with not much time to get on the internet. This all included a 7 hour and 15 minute flight from Philly to Oakland, mostly due to out-of-control headwinds. Thats a really long time on our tiny planes. That flight is in the top 2 of the longest flights in our system, so its a stretch as it is.

When I got off my trip on friday night at 12:30, I slept in the lounge at the airport, slung across a leather chair, and got a surprising 5 hours of solid sleep. It's really strange to wake up to people looking at you, wondering how on earth you slept in the chair in such a position. Then I caught a frozen plane home to New Orleans. (Jackson, MS, actually. flights into N.O. are next to impossible to get on..so i rented a car and drove down.) I only say that because in -20 degree wind chill weather, things happen, such as frozen cokes, frozen wines, frozen water lines, etc. But we fly on.

Then I went home to see my pop for his 50th bday, and a jacked up computer which didn't allow me to blog. I tried, I promise. But it wasn't in the cards.

So a week after I left, here I am. Posting at home. So anyways...SORRY! Heres some pics from my dads bday, mostly from a care package my aunts and uncles put together for him:

Note the Fire extinguisher that my brother has

Of course somebody has to give him the Viagra

Wow, that's embarrassing

So the other day I farted. I passed some gas, and it stank. I know you don't care to hear it, that it doesn't affect you in any way, but the dog cared. He backed down like he was faced with a Puma. With "nasty, big, pointy teeth." So I know it didn't affect you, but I'm apologizing to you for any inconvenience I have caused. Absurd sounding, isn't it??? why would I apologize to you for that?? It didn't happen, I'm just saying it to make a point. I'm sick and tired of this whole cheney business, I wish we'd all move on (including myself after this post!). The man made a mistake, the guy he shot is fine. Cheney apologized to him, and he accepted. But why on earth are WE demanding an apology for it??? thats what makes me so confused and irritated!! He didn't do anything to anybody except that poor old man. the only person he owes an apology to is him. Not the American public. We had nothing to do with it. I think theres more important things we should worry about. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there a war in Iraq?? Don't we have a bunch of little Josue's scurrying across our borders ?? (see I told you I'd get you back) Moving on:

Olympic rants of note: -Stop whining about bad olympic coverage by NBC. Watch the games for the games, the best athletes in the world competing. Stop relying on networks to make it more dramatic.

-I hate the word "disappointing" in the olympics. I know its fitting for someone who is expected to win gold and doesn't win anything, but he's only "expected" due to the media. They're still doing AMAZING things.

-Bode Miller is AWESOME soley because of his recovery the other day when he got his ski caught in the gate, and went a good 5 seconds on one ski. I couldn't care less if he lost or won. that was absolutely STUNNING. ( to view the video, go to http://www.nbcolympics.com/ then click on "videos" then on the left you can choose athletes, click on bode miller, and go to the video called "Miller's super-G DNF") Then, to avoid the media, he skiied through the woods!!! awesome!

-Shani Davis is a jerk. He needs to change his citizenship.

-Can anyone explain the scoring rules of curling??? and who knew so many hot chicks curl????

Special thanks to my dad who allowed me against his will to make fun of him on my blog.



Josue Villarreal said...

Actually to be more accurate there are probably more "Jose's" than there are "Josue's." Secondly, if it weren't for all these "Jose's" they economy in the USA would be shot to hell (and everybody hates to admit it's true). Nobody likes to do the work that most illegal's do. It's also a win-win for both parties, too. They earn more $$$ here than back in MX and we pay them less $$$ than we would another person who was born here. Thirdly, we work our butts for these jobs and most people appreciate that. SO BOOYAH, mr. juice the ball is back your court...peace


The Juice said...

I never hated on the MX work ethic. I love it. I think its great. I just don't like the Josue's that slither across the border ILLEGALLY, then I have to pay for they're welfare or whatever it is when I pay taxes. Those are the Josue's that I don't like.

K-Rock said...

Personally, I think we need the MX labor, I just think they should learn to speak English first!!!

Malaysian Debster said...

last tidbit about this topic and i'm done yappin' bout it. Beleive it or not, you can check the census info on this to double check me but there are more african americans on welfare programs than are illegal immigrants. As for the english barrier, Kev...I unfortunately agree with that but we do what we can. peace out. ----Josue posing as Debbie

The Future said...

Sorry, but in this country you can't separate NBC from the Olympics. And they do have bad coverage. I've watched quite a bit, as much as I can, and their coverage stinks. They have to do on demand next Olympics. Why should I have to sit through the stupid stories, then they make us believe it's all happening live... when ESPN gave us the results 6 hours before. The events should be covered live then put up on on demand for all to enjoy, whenever they can watch them. Every event, every country.

The Future said...

Teddy J- happy birthday!! 50... thought you'd already be that old, as my parents hit that a while ago.

Although you look 27!!

The Juice said...

nice story , prophecy. and good idea! maybe i just have this uncanny ability to watch the olympics for what they are.

oh, and did anyone see sasha cohen last night?? first of all, she was brilliant. second of all, man is she HOT!