Friday, February 10, 2006

Enough is Enough

Hiking Outside of Huntsville, Al

Just last night I was in my hotel room in Tampa Bay, fast asleep. I'd stayed up a little later than usual, because I'm slightly addicted to "My name is Earl" and "The Office." I had rented a car so I had to get up even earlier because I need to bring back the car. My bed time was at 10 ET, or for most of you, 9.

It had been a long day since I was up at 4am, so I had absolutely no problem getting to sleep. I was sound asleep by 10:30.

I woke up to the alarm on my phone, which is my back-up to the regular alarm, or the main alarm, depending on how fast or slow the hotel alarm is set. I use two, because I dread the day when I miss my alarm and have to go to work without showering.

I reached over, pushed the buttons on the side of the phone, and shut the alarm up. Exhuasted, I layed back down to catch a measly few more minutes before the hotel alarm went off.

Almost instantly, I heard my phone ringing. I lean over, pick it up, and look at the caller-id.

Kevin Hackett.


Since I was about to get up anyways, I answered.

I was flying Kevin in to Chicago to visit for the weekend. He first asked if he woke me up, but I let it slide, telling him I needed to get up anyways. He asked me if he could bring both his carry-on item and his camera bag.

Half-asleep as I was, I had no idea what the heck he was talking about, even though what he was saying was completely sensible.

Confused, I asked him to repeat it. I got it this time, and told him that was fine to bring both. I hung up, rolled over in bed, and looked at my clock.

It read 12:37. AM


I picked up my phone, and saw that I had a text message that read "Can I carry on my regular bag and my camera bag?"

Jerk. That "alarm" I had heard was actually a his text message. Jerk.

This is a regular occurance. No, not just kevin. If you know me, theres a pretty good chance that you've woken me up at some normal hour of the evening, when I happened to be asleep since my wake up calls often come when most people are still lying in their own pillow drool. I don't blame anyone. No one knows when I have to get up early and when I don't. And its common knowledge I don't talk long before 9pm. But It's time you all learned. If you wanna talk to me after 9, call me at sometime during the day and let me know. Sounds like a reservation, I know. But theres no other option. I'd be happy to talk to you, but sometimes I just can't. I've got 100 text messages/month now. Text me and see if I'm working or not.

Just don't be a Kevin Hackett. Please.



K-Rock said...

I hate you!

The Juice said...


Malaysian Debster said...

Hmm...that explains that couple of beeping sounds that night...

Anonymous said...

Dear Nephew,
That’s interesting that you have gotten (slightly) addicted to “My Name Is Earl”
I find it to be one of the funniest shows on TV this season.
I have tried to spread the word to friends and family.
Thanks for promoting it on your blog site.
Uncle Don
(Also, are you saying it's ok to call you at 4am but not after 9pm?)

The Future said...

I try every day not to be a Kevin Hackett.

But I fail. Miserably.

I am Kevin Hackett.

Chris Ewing said...

your new header is hot like fire

K-Rock said...

Sadly enough, it's hard not to be me!

Griswold said...

Wow, a 4am wake-up. That's when I get off work!

Shea said...

Grrr... I've had the opposite happen 2 or 3 times this week, but reverse. PPl not calling late, but call way to dang early in the morning.... California = 2 hours later than Texas (central) time and 3 hours later than New York (Eastern)time... we've been here almost 3 years and still ppl forget... even parents...

Needless to say if I go to pick up the phone and it's not work or an audition I am not taking the call... Just call at noon ppl...when it's safe!