Thursday, February 02, 2006

Shameful acts

This is not how you treat a Hero.
The Astros just today decided that they were filing an insurance claim to recoup some of Bagpipe's salary should he retire or deemed "too injured to play."
Jeff Bagwell is one of the most respected men in the Major League baseball, and every player should look up to him.
In the world of free agency and multi-million dollar deals, Jeff Bagwell has been faithful to his ballclub for 15 full years. Thats every single year he's been in the Majors.
He and teammate Craig Biggio are one of the very few, if any, who can actually say that.
I wonder how many teams he's passed up on. Said he wanted to stay in houston. He's been the cornerstone of the franchise for the majority of those years. He's hit 449 Home runs during his career, most of which was played in the spacious Astrodome. You just can't think of the Houston Astros without thinking of Jeff Bagwell. You just can't.
And talk about character. There's never been controversy surrounding him. He's a stand-up teammate, husband, and father.
In the past couple years, however, he's been more of a liability than an asset. He can barely throw the ball back to the pitcher anymore due to an ailing shoulder. The astros kept him in the lineup for the majority of the games in 2004, even though his abilities were diminishing rapidly and better talent was sitting on the bench.
In 2005, he wised up and had surgery on the shoulder, and when he came back, he was used exclusively off the bench.
Bagwell has since decided that he wants to come back for another season to see if his shoulder can hold out. Then the Astros decided to file the insurance claim. Ouch.
I think the man should hang it up. Honestly. I love the guy, and I completely understand if he's just not ready to quit, but you gotta know when its your time.
But at the same time, you just don't treat him like that. If this was his 3rd yr with the organization, then fine. But HE IS your organization. If he thinks he can play, you let him. Sit him on the bench if you want, but he AND craig biggio deserve a roster spot until their 90 if they want. He's the face of the organization.
And I think he should be treated like it.
"The situation has caused a rift that Bagwell has said may be beyond repair."
I just think thats a shame.


Brown Sugar said...

your title bar is so hot...who made it?

K-Rock said...

First of all, lemme say the banner is awesome! Second of all, Jeremy, you make an excellent point here. There used to be such a thing as team loyalty and players would never pull a Johnny Damon and sign with the arch rival at any cost! Now, the only thing players have is self loyalty and to a position. Johnny Damon is an excellent outfielder and lead-off hitter, therefore he can play for any team who needs that position. It's sad really. Fans cannot expect any loyalty from a player like we used to be able to. Then you have a player like Bagwell and Biggio who you can count on. Players who want to play for their team, not for themselves. You treat those people a little different. They not only love the game of baseball, they love the Astros. You have got to treat these players like you love them as much as they love the team. Screw Johnny Damon - give him more money and he'll go. My have things changed, and not for the better!

The Future said...

I was gonna ask you about that.

I don't see how Bagwell says he wants to play, says he'll be ready, and yet they file an insurance claim.

Wouldn't that be insurance fraud?!?

Everyone has known the Astros would do this for a while....