Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I've Lost My Mind

I'm having reprocussions of the whole head injury. Excuse me if this blog sucks, because words just aren't coming to me. (sorry Dad, sucks was the best I could come up with) In the last 5 minutes I couldn't think of the words opinion or compromise. (It was like "now what is it when a husband and wife can't agree on something and meet in the middle?" for serious, thats the question that I asked.)

Anyways, sunday I was working and had ground time in Colubmus. I was sitting there at the desk at the front of the gate, waiting for our plane, playing with my phone. (for example, flipping it up in the air.)

We worked out flight to Chicago, I got to the lounge, then realized my phone was left at the desk. Oops. I eventually got ahold of personnel in columbus, and got it sent on the next plane to Chicago. Unfortunately that plane got in 30 mins after my flight that went to Denver.

It didn't get any better in Denver. We arrived about midnight, I got off the plane, and about 10 minutes later, realized I had left my $1900 camera on the plane.
Oops. I ran back to the plane only to find it locked up because it was a terminator, (last flight of the day) and no one around. I had to go alllllll the way back to the baggage claim, get the folks in the baggage office to call up to the Ops agent, then had to go aaaaallll the way back to the terminal to pick up my camera.

Close calls. Let's hope it doesn't get worse. And luckily I don't have to use my brain very much when I go to work.

And speaking of Denver, I'm moving. I havn't mentioned a thing about it on my blog..ever...since I've gone between moving to Boise, Seattle, Spokane, and Salt Lake City since August. But I've just put a deposit down on a 1 BR place in Westminster. It's my first experience living my myself, and I'm really excited. I've got 2 weeks off to move, but the apartment doesn't open up until the 29th...which means I got lots of time off...sooo..I'm thinking of getting as much stuff as I can to Denver w/o benefit of my car (plane or fedex) and taking a road trip up through the dakotas, montana, Idaho, and wyoming, then back down to colorado. I'm gonna get my car tuned up, get new tires and a new muffler, and hope she makes it. If anyone has 2 weeks off (or even just a week will do) at the end of april and wants to come along, I'll fly you home!!!!


Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Miami, FL...I think.
Disclaimer: This is not my photo. It's my father's. But I liked it, so here it is. Note the

As I got off the plane in Raliegh/Durham, NC, I had a message from a fellow flight attendant friend of mine. The message went something like this: "Jeremy!! What on earth did you do? Why are you working that crappy trip on friday?? Do you want me to trade it? Call me back!"

Fact is, I didn't want to work it. I was hoping to trade it. I gave her a call back, and she said that if something else pops in open time thats better, she'll grab it for me.

So I have to explain open time. It's basically un-covered trips. If you have a trip that starts on friday, you can check friday's open trips, and if you like one of those better, you can trade it up until 9pm on the night before you trip.

The trip I was currently on was a burbank/vegas overnights, but the trip itself was completely awful, with a six..thats SIX!! legs on the second day, and aircraft swaps everytime you go through Vegas. awful. Only good thing is that grubbsy lives very near burbank, and I could see them and have dinner with them.

Night before my trip, I log on, scowering open time every 5 minutes to see if anything pops in. It was nothing after nothing, crappy trip after crappy trip. Funny that the only trip in there was the 2 other positions on the same trip I was on. In other words, I was the only one not to trade out of that stupid trip.

I gave it up, and called grubbsy to see what he was doing on a Monday night.

He was sick. Great. Last thing I wanna do is get sick.

Open time, once more.

About 5 minutes before 9, closing time, another trip popped in there. San Diego/SaltLake. Sweet, I grabbed it before anyone else did. I opened up the trip..it was 19 hrs in SD, which was nice. I was satisfied, for it would have to do.

Then it hit me. Oh my gosh, thats where the World Baseball Classic is!!! I hurried up and pulled up the espn WBC website, and sure enough, the night that I was going to be there, it was the Final game between Cuba and Japan. It was a dream come true.

Monday night, after dinner with my crew, I wandered over to the stadium by myself, and scalped a $30 ticket. I was in. I bought a game program, borrowed a pencil from guest services, and parked myself in an upper deck seat, and listened to the chants of "CUBA. CUBA. CUBA." Except it sounded more like "Kooba, kooba, kooba."

I was at the Final game of the very first WBC. It was history. And I was happy.

True. True.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Unfortunate Meeting

Winter Park, Colorado
I've become somewhat of a naturalist. In other words, I've become concerned with the protection of our environment...the wild animals, the trees, etc. Now don't get me wrong, I like meat, I think cows are here for a reason..but we've got plenty of them.
But on my ski trip to Winter Park, Co. I really didn't plan on getting this close. I've noticed that I really love back-country riding..the kind the sends you through small, bumpy trails through the trees. On this particular day, I drug Kevin along with me, and almost got lost in the woods. I just can't resist the serenity of it all, and the powder!!!
We finally found our way of the trees, and hit the next lift, where I was bound and determined to head back through the trees. So when we get off the lift, I made a bee-line right over to the left side of the run, where a number of small trails had been cut through the trees. Kevin declined to follow me this time. As I was finding my way through, I decided this particular area of trees was a little much for me. I found a trail that took me back to the open run.
I was about 3 feet from being out of the woods, when my snowboard gets caught in the powder, and I take a tumble.
Now don't you think for a moment that I don't fall. I fall all the time. Its part of it. It's really the only way you get better. Only this time was a little different. As I fell, I saw that dad-gum tree. I lost sight of the tree, but it was firmly implanted in my mind. At this point there was little I could do but hit the snow and tumble as usual, knowing that this tree was there, just wondering where It's gonna hit. Legs? Ribs? Is it possible I'll miss it all together?? Head? Oh no. The head. If this stupid tree hits me on the head I'll never live it down, since I'm told over and over by my mom to wear a helmet. Great. Karma, I guess.
A split second later it happens. My head thats travelling about 5 mph, tumbling through the snow, comes to a sudden halting stop.
I felt the "THUD" on the right side of my head, right above the temple, and that nauseous feeling that you get when you get punched in the nose.
I lay there for no more than 2 seconds before I hear Kevin say "Dude..are you OK??"
I've never been so relieved to hear that voice, just to know that I was concious and my brain was functioning after it had been hit with a sledge hammer.
I raised my left arm and moaned a "yeeeahhhhh."
Whew, speech is ok, too.
I laid there for about a minute, then struggled to my feet, and mentioned to Kevin that I couldn't believe that I just hit my head on a tree!!
Kevin was equally stunned, since he thought it hit me on the ribs. But I had the sore head to prove it.
But i got up, laughed it off, and continuted my day. Needless to say, I was a little cautious of the trees after that.

But Big thanks to Kevin Hackett and his youth group for allowing me to crash their party. Kevin brought his youth group up to Winter Park, Co. for a few days, and it happened to be the days that I was looking to take my last ski trip of the season, and I couldn't for the life of me find anyone to go with me. Thats when I found out that Kevin happened to have an extra "pillow" for me to use.

He just didn't tell me that it was in his bed.

But it was all well worth it. Snows on Saturday - Monday made for probably the best skiing I've done. Though we had to wait in line for an hour at the bottom of the mountain just to get on the lift!!! I bet you 90% of Oklahoma and Texas was there. But once we got up, all was good. I spent two good days of skiing before heading back home to Chicago.

I'm just glad I remembered the whole thing.


PS kevin I didn't put the pics from my small camera on here b/c I can't find the card to get them off!!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Just smile and nod

Wheres Jeremy? I forgot my camera on my last trip, so I had to dig this one up.

I had a realization about myself the other day. My parents think I moved to NY after college to "find myself." Unfortunately it's still going on. But I guess that could be a good thing.

Not too long ago, a tragedy happened. I'm not going into specifics, but it was something that no one wants to happen, and it happened to someone very close to me. As I went throughout the day, I would tell people what was going on. One one specific instance, I told a certain person the tragedy that had happened..and her first reaction was "Why are you smiling?"

I was shocked.

"I dunno." I said.

I felt like a sick person. Someone who gets happy about bad things happening to other people. But I knew that wasn't true. I truly had no idea why I was smiling. I mean I never cried when things like this happened, I accepted that as true. But smile? Thats just low.

And it still happens to this day. Katrina hit. I smiled.

But it hit me the other day. I dunno why it came upon me, what spurred me to think about it..I really don't even remember having time to reflect upon why I do things the way I do. But it came to me.

When things like that happen, my face doesn't know what else to do. So it smiles. In other words, I HAVE NO FROWNY FACE. I don't think it exists. I mean I have a blank stare. I can do that with the best of them. But when your confronted with a tragedy, you're face has to do something. It can't just sit there. Mine? It smiles.

Thats all it knows.

On a sidenote, I just won January Flight Attendant of the Month in Chicago! Yay! They gave me a green pass for it, which is a pass that is a confirmed ticket. Instead of standby. Sweet.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Malibu Jeremy

Ok so this isn't Malibu (Santa Monica), but whats the diff?
OK so we're crusing through Malibu, and we stop at a red light. As we wait for the green, 2 silver Ferrari Modena's scream by us. Travis and Jeri barely glance, but my head is on a swivel. As I voice how impressed I am, Trav and Jeri say that they see those cars daily in Malibu, where Hollywood's elite like to grace the lawns of Pepperdine University.
"I guess you're right." I said. "But when I get to see an Aston Martin...now then I'll be truly impressed."
The Aston Martin Vanquish is my favorite car, $300,000 hand made beauts from the U.K loaded with a V12.
At the red light we hang a right, and right there in the oncoming lane, waiting for the stop light, was a freakin' silver Aston Martin Vanquish, nearly 5 secs after I had made that statement. This was going to be a good weekend.
Last weekend I flew my boy Adam Brown Sugar out to So-Cal to have a little college roommate reunion. Adam came from Dallas (wow, what a trip dallas to burbank is with that dad-gum wright amendment!!) and I met him in Phoenix, and we went to Burbank together.
We spent the weekend browsing Candy Stores, comparing our weights against the fattest man ever to live, Pole-Dancing the Ferris Wheel, and laughing at people singing for Adam's birthday when it really wasn't his birthday.
I'll leave you with some pictures of the weekend.


Shea, future Oscar winner. Remember the face, kids.

Adam's Birthday! I think he's embarrassed.

Hanging from a tree. Go figure.


Wonder whats on his mind?

The guys...I forget how short I am

mmmmm...fresh seasweed

The guys, again

Classic Zoolander pose


Hundreds of feet above ground....Grubbsy gets down

And so does Adam