Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I've Lost My Mind

I'm having reprocussions of the whole head injury. Excuse me if this blog sucks, because words just aren't coming to me. (sorry Dad, sucks was the best I could come up with) In the last 5 minutes I couldn't think of the words opinion or compromise. (It was like "now what is it when a husband and wife can't agree on something and meet in the middle?" for serious, thats the question that I asked.)

Anyways, sunday I was working and had ground time in Colubmus. I was sitting there at the desk at the front of the gate, waiting for our plane, playing with my phone. (for example, flipping it up in the air.)

We worked out flight to Chicago, I got to the lounge, then realized my phone was left at the desk. Oops. I eventually got ahold of personnel in columbus, and got it sent on the next plane to Chicago. Unfortunately that plane got in 30 mins after my flight that went to Denver.

It didn't get any better in Denver. We arrived about midnight, I got off the plane, and about 10 minutes later, realized I had left my $1900 camera on the plane.
Oops. I ran back to the plane only to find it locked up because it was a terminator, (last flight of the day) and no one around. I had to go alllllll the way back to the baggage claim, get the folks in the baggage office to call up to the Ops agent, then had to go aaaaallll the way back to the terminal to pick up my camera.

Close calls. Let's hope it doesn't get worse. And luckily I don't have to use my brain very much when I go to work.

And speaking of Denver, I'm moving. I havn't mentioned a thing about it on my blog..ever...since I've gone between moving to Boise, Seattle, Spokane, and Salt Lake City since August. But I've just put a deposit down on a 1 BR place in Westminster. It's my first experience living my myself, and I'm really excited. I've got 2 weeks off to move, but the apartment doesn't open up until the 29th...which means I got lots of time off...sooo..I'm thinking of getting as much stuff as I can to Denver w/o benefit of my car (plane or fedex) and taking a road trip up through the dakotas, montana, Idaho, and wyoming, then back down to colorado. I'm gonna get my car tuned up, get new tires and a new muffler, and hope she makes it. If anyone has 2 weeks off (or even just a week will do) at the end of april and wants to come along, I'll fly you home!!!!



Anonymous said...

Do you need to get your head checked. Don't leave your camera laying around. You never know who's going to want to shoot a picture with it.

laura g said...

denver. told ya you would do it. good for you.

i don't know how you got off that plane without your camera. that contraption is so smart, it shoulda been calling out your name as you walked away.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with you kids....
your cousin Jenna lost her cell phone this past weekend. She called me last Saturday afternoon, started of by saying " Daddy, it was all my fault!" my heart started beating fast thinking she had been in a wreak when she continued by saying she had left her cell phone (an expensive one lots of bells and whistles, that I gave her for Christmas)on the counter of McDonalds's. She went back about 30 minutes later and it was gone. She lost all of her phonebook numbers and everything. (you might want to call her and give her your number again...lol)
Anyway, she had to go get one that she could afford.
I guess it was something in the air. You youngsters...
Uncle Don

LoriLoo310 said...

Now why in the world would you choose Denver over Salt Lake City? I mean really! Are you trying to avoid us? Oh wait, we want to move out of Salt Lake too ... nevermind. Come visit again soon!

BSC said...

Did you know you have a cartoon of Justin Timberlake over on the right?!

jhart said...

NOOOOO!!! Why did you move to Denver 6 months after we moved away!! We lived in Westminster for 2 years and then moved back to Texas, and now you're moving there. You're a turd! Yes! You are retooded. (Do you even remember saying that? Jonathan and I quote it all the time). Call us! Jonathan is: 720-841-4679.

K-Rock said...

I'm just glad I was at the scene of the accident to know how great an injury this head thing actually was! You are losing your mind, but luckily you're a flight attendant. You hand out cokes. How hard can that be! Haha, jk...just don't lose that beautiful camera, please!

Tidmore said...

You think you've lost your mind I've updated my blooger twice today, that doubles the amount of times I've EVER posted on blogger!!!!