Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Coming Together

Radner Lake, Nashville, TN

Im really not sure what to say. I could write this big long post about how I'm excited that baseball is here, that I can actually sit down and enjoy the sports section again without being bored to tears with pointless articles about basketball and hockey. But I wouldn't get a single comment, and I'd get complaints like "Oh, here goes Jeremy off on his sports rants again." So I won't. But excited I am.

But I'm tired because I've been working A LOT, trying to finance my cross country move... I'm a little stressed that maybe nobody will come buy my furniture tomorrow when I throw it all out on the lawn. I'm sad that I may see people cart off furniture that my mom had when she moved out of her house. She told me its not worth moving, but still.... I'm excited to go on my 2 week adventure. To be alone, wandering around, camping at strange places, seeing amazing things, to enjoy nature, meet complete strangers, listening to audio books, being alone. I'm frustrated that I havn't had a date in almost 2 years. The most frustrating part is that its my fault, that I live the way that I do, that I ENJOY living the way that I do...I'm lonely because its baseball season and theres no one to throw the baseball with....I'm angry because I spent half an hour trying to get OUT of our new parking lot at the airport when all I wanted to do was go home...All these emotions have just had a train wreck tonight. No, I'm not crying. And no, Kristi Cooke, I'm not dead inside.

But I sit here, typing this message, listening to one of my 3,000 songs, sipping hot cocoa, chatting online with good friends...maybe things aren't so bad.


PS I finally got the picture of me and the tree that I hit off my camera. Here ya go.


Kuh-Reese said...

Did i ever tell you that i got your post card? Its so freaking big! You'll have to send me your new address so I can send you something! I cant wait to visit you in Colorado (i hope thats still your plan) BUT i have a NEW idea. Why dont you move to New Zealand with me and Darby next year?

The Juice said...

yeah!! i wanted to call you and see if you got that!! sweet! yeah, ill move with ya, once we start flying to new zealand.

JonGrubbs said...

Wow, New Zealand. I'm so jealous. If I could visit one place on earth, it'd be New Zealand, and I've wanted to go there since long before LOTR. Anyway, Jeremy, if I lived in Chicago I'd swing by and look at your furniture, cause we need a new couch really badly...assuming of course that you are selling a couch.

Oh, and I know you're not dead inside. You're just like most us: slightly singed on the surface.

Brown Sugar said... will be okay in colorado alone for a do have ben jones and probably some others around there...and in a perfect world, i would be there soon too....and we could throw balls....and hit on snow bunnies......of course in a more perfect world i'd have me my girl, and you would have you yours and we would all have a fun and adventurous time together....we would have the girls we would eventually marry....but not be rushed into the whole married life....we would just have fun.....of course i guess married is fine as long as we wait a while for kids and stuff....but now i'm thinking way to far ahead....going from us being single and wanting to be in colorado to us with kids (with our repective wives) is probably uneccessary to think about..i dunno. i like new zealand..i think zach likes it cause it sounds like new nieland.

Tidmore said...

Adam, your rambling make me laugh so hard. I almost laughed outloud during class!
NEw Zealand and Australia have long been 2 of my dream places to visit, maybe after I'm a lawyer (I can hear the groans of the masses as a new lawyer is created) I can finally get out there.

The Juice said...

i almost spent a year in NZ after college, but couldn't afford it. then my parents sprung it on me, saying that they would have paid for it for my graduation present if i'd have asked. little too late for that. thanks dad.

kentbrantly said...

it's not too late... just go back to school. that's what i did :-)

-kent <><

laura g said...

now i may not have been up for denver, but i would move to NZ with you in a heartbeat! i even know people who would let us live there for free for a while :) ted should move there, too, cause there is lots of good sailing.

me & my baseball glove will see you tuesday after work.

jhart said...

Of course, if you'd moved to denver would have had 2 wonderful friends. I don't know what you're schedule is like, but we have a church recommendation when you get there. And we also have been dying to move to New Zealand, but so has the rest of the world. The short-term work visas are fairly easy to get (6-12 months) but they are VERY reluctant to grant citizenship or even long-term work visas. After LOTR everyone and their cat wanted to move there. So we've decided to settle for Greece. :) We miss you Jeremy. I was actually thinking of you as Baseball has started. We'll definitely come see you in CO when we come up to visit family. In fact, we'd rather see you than some of the fam! Where in Westminster is your apartment?

The Juice said...

jennifer, how you gonna reccommend me a church, then not tell which one it is?? hmmm...

my apartment is on 91st street near Hwy 36

K-Rock said...

Ok Jeremy, first off, that's a great picture of you by that tree...who's the great photographer?

Secondly, bring your baseball glove to Dallas, I need someone to throw the ball with too. At this point, I've got noone. It's ok that you haven't had a date in that long, because it will come. And when it does, it'll be wonderful. It's been almost that long for me, and before that...well we're not gonna go there, but overall, it's been more than 2 years for me probably. Brown baby (which I think should go by your initials...haha) you're right, that would be a perfect world. However, you definitely rushed into marriage, although, I've been told that when you know, you know.

Anyway, Jeremy, I wish I could move with you, but as you saw at the ski trip, I can't leave my kids here...unless they tell me to leave! But, these kids are too great, and it's too perfect for me here. Oh to be miserable, then I'd move in a heartbeat! But alas, despite having noone to throw the ball with, or watch hours of baseball on TV with, or even have a place to put your furniture if I were to buy it (or mine for that matter) all gets put back into perspective when you remember that God has a bigger plan. His plan is to make you and me sucks, but I know it'll be worth it, eventually! Until then, HELICOPTER HELICOPTER HELICOPTER!


The Future said...

You're right, Brown.

It's actually Zoo Nieland, everyone else has it wrong.