Sunday, April 16, 2006

Good Riddance

This one would have been better had Jill closed her mouth..but whatever. Another
relaxing morning on the plane enjoying crossword puzzles.

Laura and I made Barnyard animals from gloves blown up. I actually made one pop on accident in the process of blowing one up. Scared some passengers. Oops.

A flower while hiking in Nashville

I'm officially leaving in the morning. First stop, Des Moines, Iowa. Tonight I shaved my head for the journey. I figure showers might be few and far between, and its easier to handle when that happens. I'll try to post during my trip with pictures as much as I can.



Malaysian Debster said...

Be safe! (Somehow I don't think that would apply too much to you, but do try your best anyway.)

K-Rock said...

Yeah baby, shaving the's awesome isn't it! Good luck and be safe...I know it'll be fun!

K-Rock said...
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kentbrantly said...

so, does your dad get a piece of that pulitzer? congrats to the Times-Picayune.

The Future said...

What a ripoff! Everyone knows your coverage of the flower while hiking in Nashville deserves the pulitzer. We never would have known its story otherwise.

Well, done, even though you won't get the awards some mainstream media get.

The Juice said...

yeh he got a piece of that action.

thanks zach for the compliment.