Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hey, at least I'm alive

So I wasn't gonna post today..I like to give people a chance to read, but I almost died today. And no pictures, since I don't feel like going through the process of uploading them. Today was beautiful again, better than I expected, and I hit the trail at about 9:30. This time I was complete with wool socks. It took me about 45 mins to get up to the top with a spectacular view of Bozeman. I got up there, and kept going. Through snow. It got pretty deep, and a guy advised me to go around as much as I could. Which I did. But there was this bluff, way up high, that I wanted to get to before I turned around. So I went for it.

More snow. And it got deeper. The trail was lost, but there were footprints where others had been, so I followed those, since it was already packed and I wouldn't sink in up to my hip. I sat down, finished off what I had brought of food, and continuted on my way. I got to the bluff, and there was no way up. so I tried to go around to the backside, thinking there may be a trail up that way. Unfortunately, no one had been this way before, so I was stuck blazing my own trail through the snow. I had to stomp my foot in the snow, then collapse more snow around that footprint into the hole, and pack it down until it was sturdy enough to hold my weight. Then I started doing that on an incline. Many times I knocked some snow down, only to see it rush down the side of the mountain, and do the whole "snowball effect." So I kept going in this manner, quite slowly. I saw a cave, and I hoped there were no bears inside, cuz I wasn't going anywhere. I spotted a small trail up the side of the cliff, where I thought I would be able to get up onto the bluff. Unfortunately, as I got up on this so-called "trail" I realized that it was no trail at all. I found myself stuck, with a rock wall on one side, and a 70 foot drop on the other, where If I fell I would just roll..and roll...and become a giant snowball. And I only had about 5 inches to work with.

too many times I knocked loose rock down the cliff...and it just kept going.

Needless to say, I made it down, but it took me about 2 hrs to get down and turn around to where I was really comfortable. I like adventures and hiking and stuff..but rock climbing is one thing that I don't do.

To add insult to injury, so much snow had gotten inside my boot that my socks were now soaked. to the bone. twice i took them off and wrung them out.

Anyways, not sure that paints a great picture of how it actually was, but I was ACTUALLY scared. for my life. :)

I'm staying in bozeman againt tonight, where supposedly it's going to snow.

Tomorrow is church, then 80 miles south to Yellowstone, and from what I hear, the KOA's down there don't open until the middle of may. Not sure what I'll do, but surely theres something..


Ok, so I found time. this is the ridge that I walked up with the snow. Though further on is where it got deeper, and where I got in trouble.


K-Rock said...

You're an absolute nut...I mean, knowing me as well as I do, I probably would have done the same thing...AND, I probably would have been just as scared and it might have taken me 3 hours to get to where I was comfortable instead of your 2! I'm glad you made it, and you have a great story to tell. Just be careful man, if you're gonna do something stupid, at least make it to a place where someone might find you! Come on, be sensible here :) Oh yeah, and how come I didn't get a text!

Chris Ewing said...

so when do you actually work?

J-Wild said...

If there is anyone who would end up on that show "I Shouldn't Be Alive" it's going to be you. Be careful man, I want the pleasure of beating you in fantasy baseball while your alive, not postmortem.

Stay safe

The Future said...

Are you still alive? If so, tell us where!