Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'm Back!

Yes, thats right, I'm back. I've gotten a lot of sympathy from that last post, and to be honest, it was nice to have. It's very underrated, I'd have to say.

But anywho, I'm back, baby! The other night I was browsing Itunes, looking at celebrity playlists to see what kind of crap Ashlee Simpson listens too, when I ran across a band called "The Format", who was listed on Yellowcards site.

And let me tell you, it instantly put me in a better mood. For those who know them, they're like a cross between Jimmy Eat World and Dashboard Confessionals. Check out a sample on my MySpace homepage. (Yes I have one, leave me alone.)

And on a side note, my brother got married this weekend.

ok for seRIOUS, on THE MAIN TOPIC, MY BROTHER GOT MARRIED!! It was short notice, but my parents really took charge. They had like 2 weeks to get it together. They did it in my aunts backyard in Mississippi, and they turned it into a complete oasis...aka...clark's chapel of love. The weather was great...well....the sun was out. Unfortunately, we forgot to pray about the wind. (He always gets us, doesn't He!!!) It gusted up to...something miles an was really strong. Luckily the main part of Clark's chapel was anchored down. In the background you saw large potted plants toppling over, spilling dirt everywhere.

It really was a funny site, one we'll never forget. It was fun, and funny. And my brother seemed happy, and I approved of his new wife, since that was the first time I met her. Shes just as "easy money" as my brother.

The rehearsal dinner was AWESOME, mostly because it involved no rehearsal, the waitress was hot and kept calling me sweetie and never called anyone else pet names, and the steak was AWESOME...oh, and it didn't have to pay. Plus, when my uncle said "you know you're a redneck if you think wearing a john deere t-shirt is dressing up" as a guy with a john deere t-shirt strolled by. And ON TOP OF THAT, my other uncle asked me if they had coke in kidding. ( I'll let my uncle defend himself on that one. I know he's gonna read this.)

AND luckily my dad read my blog before leaving, and grabbed some gloves to play catch. we didn't need the gloves since my uncle, the baseball coach, let us borrow some gloves from his players...who had no idea we took them..and unless they read this, they never will know.

And what do I get for all of this?? A busted lip. I swear that thing jumped up and bit me. I walked off the field biting the skin off my lip. But halfway off, i changed my mind. I wanted so bad to throw the ball, dad-gummit, and no blood or busted lip or dead skin was gonna stop me.

So we threw, and my lip swelled up, and my lip is blue in the wedding pictures. But it was well worth it.

So I'm back in Chicago, I've got 1 day (tomorrow) to get things settled for my move. I got 6 days in a row of work, starting tuesday. I hope to leave on the 17th, 18th if I have to. I've got a rough draft of my Itenerary. Ill post it. Here ya go:

Des Moines
Justin and Allison

South Dakota
Black Hills National Forest
Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore / Hill City KOA

North Dakota
Theodore Roosevelt National Forest (Badlands)
Medora, ND
Camp somewhere in the Badlands

Billings KOA
the Bighorns, Beartooths, Crazy Mountains, the Pryor Range, and the Snowy Mountains
Columbos Pizza!!! 406 587 5544 1003 W College St
Gallatin National Forest
Bozeman KOA

Glacier National Park
St Mary/East Glacier KOA
Hell’s Canyon
MCcall, Id (Horse Mountain Lookout)
Payette National Park

Jackson Hole
Grand teton
Teton Village/Jackson West KOA

You've been great!! cya



JonGrubbs said...

Man, Poindexter, I'm so jealous of your road trip. That's more or less everyplace I've wanted to go out west. I freaking live in a gorgeous state--LA doesn't count most of the time because of the people and smog--and I haven't even made it to Yosemite. I've been here almost 3 years. Jeeez. I need to take a road trip and see this country of mine. I guess I'll just write about it for now. Peace out and good luck during this insane work week and moving time.

Malaysian Debster said...

I wanna see tons of pictures, from your bro's wedding and your awesome roadtrip!

Brown Sugar said...

you make me sick

The Juice said...

sorry debbie, i don't think my dad or me snapped a single photo all weekend. We hired a lady from the newspaper to do it. And adam, I've been trying to get you to move with me for 2 years now. It's your fault!!


laura g said...

i love it that, amongst the national parks and monuments and canyons, you are stopping for pizza.

you should see if you can get a random person in each city to play catch with you. have 'em all sign the same baseball. but don't let 'em bust you in the lip.

BSC said...

What, no SLC? Come on!

Brown Sugar said...

jeremy...i will live in colorado....hopefully it will be within the cousin is getting me contact info for a place in the denver area taht i might be interested in working....he has a really good friend that works there or something.

The Juice said...

dont let me down, adam brown

K-Rock said...

by the way, you're a poet and didn't know it. secondly, have you ever played baseball (or softball) without smashing some part of your face? you remember the first time i met you, your eyeball was the size of a grapefruit, and yet here we are, still friends...good thing you've got a good personality ;) good luck on your trip, it's gonna be a good one, sorry i can't tag along.

The Juice said...

the answer is no. my face is always smashed. its cuz i play hard. back in HS, i had glasses, and they were ALWAYS broken. i never broke the lenses, but the frames were another matter.