Saturday, May 06, 2006

Crash Pad This!!!

So you guys...or..ya'll..(sorry I've been in the north for a while) .know my predicament. I have no crash pad. It's really the only loose end not tied up.

If you have no idea what a crash pad is, here is your answer. I commute to work. My first flight starts at 6am. Theres no flight from Denver that gets into Chicago before then. Soo..I need a place to stay the night before. People buy houses close to the airport..i mean really close..and put in bunk beds or what not, and rent them out to flight attendants for cheap. Just a place to "crash."

I commuted into Chicago last monday with no place to go. I've been trying to get ahold of this lady who has a crash pad and has open beds, unfortunately i've been calling for two weeks with no answer. Voice mail after voice mail.

I got to the lounge in chicago, sat down, and fully expected to have to sleep in the lounge. It's really not that big of a deal, especially since I have a buzzed head and I can do without a shower for a while without looking extremely greasy. On the other hand, they leave the lights on all night, and people are coming in at all hours of the night. PLUS I'm on theres the issue that I might have to sleep on those couches for 4 nights and not get called to go anywhere. Good thing is that I wouldn't be late if they did call me.

So back in the lounge, I've become a charity case. I've seen some pals of mine, and I told them my predicament, and all of a sudden they are trying to find a crash pad for me. Of course, it's kind of short notice, and most people aren't answering they're phones..and thats only if they have a bed available for me to rent..and if its Coed. (theres all girl crash pads and co-ed crash pads. there are no all guy crash pads.)

So people are calling they're landlords, but nothing is turning up. We get ahold of a landlord named tony who says he might have one available, and he'd call me tomorrow.

"Ok" i thought. "I'll just have to stay one night in the lounge."

About 10pm a guy comes in, and as soon as he walks in a girl tells him my predicament. He thinks, then goes about calling his landlord. Her name is Bren. He talks to her for a while, and it sounds promising. He hangs up, and tells me that shes might have a bed available, but for the night she'll let me sleep on the couch!! Awesome. At least I'll get a shower.

I follow this guy to the crash pad, he shows me around, and I crash on the couch. (and I think I scared a girl who walked in on a stranger sleeping on the couch.)

Lo and behold I get a call at 3:10 in the morning, saying that I have a 4-day trip. Sweet. I don't have to deal with this crash pad thing for a while. So I go on my trip with plans to call Bren to see if I can get a bed. But I get a call from Tony who says that the bed is available if I want it. he says he's pretty strict about how theres a time to party and a time to sleep. "don't get me wrong, we love to party, but theres a time to sleep."

I just got a bad feeling about this Tony. But it was better than nothing. But he wants to meet me before we secure the deal, so this buys me a few days before I commit. (I'm not committal if you don't know me) I call bren, no answer, and leave a message. Third day of the trip, still no return call from Bren, so I give her a call back. She answers, and says she'll call her husband and see what was going on. She'll call me back.

2 hrs later she calls me, says that somebody had wanted the bed, but they havn't heard from shes gonna give it to me if I wanted it. SWEET. I had a good feeling about this one. She explained all the rules, and shes the nicest lady, (though she warned me that the girls are jokesters and might mess with me, but they are great, just don't get offended, its all in good fun. But feel free to retaliate. Good thing I have prankster genious Tim Ingram on speed dial.

So we get all the particulars worked out, she left the keys for me in my box and I left the rent check in her box.

So another loose end of moving tied up. If I could only get a bed at my own apartment.


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Malaysian Debster said... still don't have a bed yet? That stinks...wish we could lend you ours. :)