Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Eyes that see all

I'm going crazy. Seriously. I'm here, in Chicago, sitting on reserve, not getting called, and going crazy. I don't sit inside very well. I can do it for a few hours, sure. i like to sit back and relax and watch the boob tube for a little while, but it gets to a point when my head starts hurting from the lack of fresh air and sunlight.

So yesterday as I sat online (and some of you know this as I was logged on ALL DAY LONG) and getting frustrated, I contacted my friend Cherie here in chicago to see if she would be interested in a Sox game this evening. Cherie can't resist the tempation of a Ball Game, so of course she agrees. I get back to my crash pad, and call scheduling to see what the heck is going on.

Ok, heres the deal. Every day now for almost a month, scheduling has been offering VJAS. What that means is that they offer people to come in to work on their days off to work a trip for time and a half. And plenty of people take up that offer.

So I call scheduling and say "hey, i'm just making sure you guys havn't forgotten about me over here, since you are VJAing and all."

He tells me that they haven't forgotten, they just don't have anything for me. Which is odd since I can work these trips for straight time and they are choosing to pay people extra to work them.

5:30 rolls around. Now they have to give me 2 hrs to get to the airport once I've been called. Plus the 1hr before push report time. that means for a 9pm flight, they would have to call me by 6. They could give me the latest airport standby, but they would have to call me by 4 or 5. So I deemed it highly unlikely, that by 6, that they would call me.

I was on the train by 6, headed for the stadium. I had to make a transfer to an underground train, meaning I would be out of cell phone reception for about 15 minutes.

I emerged from the underground, got off the train, and my phone starts ringing. I had a message. I thought it was Cherie since I told her to call me when she got there. I checked my message, and lo and behold, it was scheduling. They wanted me to sit airport standby at 8:40 (I'VE NEVER heard of an airport standby being later than 5-10, and here they were wanting me to sit from 8:40-midnight) I couldn't believe it. Now the clock was ticking, and I had to get back to my crashpad, changed, packed, and to the airport in 2 hrs.

Luckily there was a cab parked right there, and I caught it and was at the airport by 8.

But seriously. they call at the worst possible time. And this is the second time they've called me at a baseball game. Once they called me 20 mins into a Cubs game. It's like they are playing a game with me, and they know exactly where I am at all times.

It's like as soon as you make plans on an overnight, things go awry. You get seriously delayed or rerouted. It never fails.

So here I am again, i've been doing nothing all day long, sitting here, waiting for my phone to ring. I feel like a bum. I've thought about heading out to the stadium so maybe it will get something going.


The Future said...

I got Rangers tickets for ya... come get some!!

Then get called... and work...

Darrin Brown said...

Sounds like your scheduling department works very similar to our copier service dispatch dept. IDIOTS!!!! By the way I am Brown Sugars uncle from Missouri. I enjoy your site!