Tuesday, May 23, 2006

First Timer

Ok, sorry if that picture is taking so long to come up. I'm using my brand new MacBook, and I havn't quite figured out how to scale down pics without the use of the handy dandy photoshop, which I don't have for mac.

Anyways, I ventured up to the mountains for the first time on monday morning. And it was absolutely GLORIOUS! I bought a book called "Mountain Biking the front range" and after hours of trying to decide which of the hundreds of mountain biking trails to go on, I decided (I can't remember the name of the trail...not like you care), and headed out at about 7:30am.

The first part of the trail crosses over a wooden bridge, then winds through a canopy of trees alongside the Jamestown river.

Then the "official" trail ended, and it got TOUGH. It was a mean climb up a hill..which was mostly sand. And if you've ever tried to bike in sand...well..YOU CAN'T. So most of that part I had to walk my bike up, which often left me short of breath, especially in the thin mountain air. I actually had to walk my bike up a lot of the steep hills, mostly because I'm not a good enough mountain biker.

I ended up at a place called Miller's rock, which you can climb up and get incredible views of the mountains. So I climbed up, and enjoyed the 360 degree view of mountains while eating my orange.

Heres the thing about photographing scenery...its too easy, so everyone can do it...making it really hard to get anything unique. It's really difficult to get anything creative out of it unless you wait around for a long time, maybe get an approaching storm that brings awesome cloud formations, and maybe a few lighting strikes, then you get the picture, and book it down the mountain while the storm chases you, or you can get a picture of an elk on the ridge looking out into the open...which I WILL get one day. one day. Plus its impossible to take a picture of the feeling. The fresh mountain breeze and just the sheer joy of sitting on top taking in the views. But I wasn't waiting around all day. It's always good to have perspective, so heres the best I came up with.

Thats my lunch. Talk about perspective.

I've got more pics, but until I figure out how to make them smaller, I'm not gonna be the "Bandwidth Bandit" like usual and make you wait for the pictures to load.

So after the scenery, I clamored down the rock cliff and shot down the mountain. It was so much fun. Much of it I had to ride the brake or else scream down the mountain at 90 mph, hopping over rocks in the process, which would inevitably send me to my untimely death, so I took it slow. There were times of smooth riding, especially through the really woodsy parts, so I took those pretty fast. I am also happy to report that much of the rocks that I walked my bike through on the way up, I made it over without getting off this time around..even going uphill.

I was really impressed with how my bike handled its first real mountain biking experience. No tires popped, and the chain never de-railed. I had a blast.

Only about 599 more trails to do.

Ah yes, and back to the first of this blog. I did purchase a new computer, and much-smaller- and -compact -than- my -old -Dell MacBook. I love it. Its blazing fast, sleek, stylish...just awesome. Plus I can still go back to my old Windows programs with Bootcamp...Which I may have to eventually for photoshop.

And once I get that setup, I'll post the other pics from my adventure. Until then...


Ok, well that didn't take long. Here are some others.


The Future said...

Of course anyone can take scenery pics... but you were the only one on that hill at the time. You were the only one that could take "those" scenery pics. With just those hills, that snow, that lighting. No one else will ever get the same, exact shot. Some may come close- we could even go up to that same hill and try again, but with the rotation of the sun, shadows, and time of day, that shot was yours.

Don't waste the opportunity!

Keep it up Jerm.

laura jo said...

my favorite is the one of your bike and the trees. good perspective (to use your word). hey, i saw mel knox this weekend at my cousin's wedding. she's in CO springs right now. i told her you were in denver. she says hi.

kelly said...

houston and i are so jealous! those trails look incredible!!

Malaysian Debster said...


Lance said...

Nice pictures.....you win!

The Juice said...

ok lance next time im in nashville i expect either a cookie or a gold star.

Joyce B. said...

Very nice photos and blog. I found you through Brian Miller (a fellow Aggie), one of your dad's friends, I think. He referenced a speech your dad gave at UT here in Austin.

laura g said...

wow, jj! great photos!
(a cookie or gold star... ha...)