Monday, May 15, 2006

Gone home sick

One of the worst parts of getting sick is going home. It's like a race against time. How long can I go before I completely lose control and make a..ahem...mess of everything. You know what I mean. Most of the time, the vaunted ride home is a simple 10 minute drive home in the car.

I thought the worst was when I was living in new york, and while at work I started to become a little nauseous. I'm usually pretty tough about things like this, and I don't like going home sick when I'm just a little sick, but It was getting bad so I informed the boss that I was going home.

Well my commute home then was an hour and a half on the train. Sure, like no one has puked on the train before in New York, but I'd rather not join the club. So I sat in the corner of the train for the entire hour and a half, buckled over, taking deep breaths (mmmm..train smell) fending off the evils in my stomach for the entire ride. I made it home, only to spend the next 2 hours lying on the cool tile of the bathroom. You know the feeling.

Last monday night I was sitting in my crash pad in chicago when I developed a stomach ache. I went to bed (i use the term loosely) and ended up making 6 trips to the porcelain princess that night. And, like I said, I'm no pansy when It comes to being sick, so I woke up the next morning (i also use the term "woke up" loosely, as I really didn't get a lot of sleep), got a call to go to work, and went to work I did. I didn't have a fever, my vomiting had stopped, so I felt I was able to work even though my stomach wasn't really able to hold real food.

By thursday night, I was in Seattle and feeling awful again. My stomach wasn't any better, so friday morning I bit the bullett and called in sick. This was hard for me to do since now I don't get any freebie passes to hand out to my friends for this quarter.

Now I just had to get home.

And talk about a ride. I called Scheduling, she told me she would book me on flights home to Denver from she told me to hold on and she would list me...she was gone for a while which made me a little nervous, and when she came back she said the best way to get home was 3 legs from Seattle through Oakland and Vegas. (Remember we just started service into Denver so flights there are a little sparse)

So Imagine having to hold yourself together, yearning for your bed and some chicken noodle soup, for 8 hours, trying to get home. It was quite the ordeal. And nothing was easy. For example, I was the last on the plane in Oakland on the way to Vegas, and there was no room for my luggage on the plane, so the Ops Agent was nice enough to 'gate check' my bag, which means that they put it in the belly of the plane, but when we land they bring it right back up to me in the jetway.
Unfortunately, he wasn't aware that vegas doesn't allow gate checking, so in vegas I had to go all the way down to baggage claim, claim my luggage, and go all the way back through security and catch my flight. All the while my stomach goes "rumble rumble rumble"

PLUS airport and hotel food is NOTHING but grease and stuff my stomach couldn't handle. I didn't eat a thing for over 30 hrs.

I made it home, and fell asleep on my futon watching david letterman and slept like a baby. Its monday morning now and I feel great.

In other news, my parents stopped by for a visit..much like the freight train that goes by my house, with a little rumble and a toot toot of the horn....mostly just to say hi and to rob me of sleep. they arrived at 10:30pm and left at 7:20am. And that doesn't include drive time to pick them up. they were on they're way to seattle (they flew for free, and went from jackson, ms to chicago to denver (stay the night) to vegas to seattle. like the lady who made they're schedule says 'it's the price we pay for the price we pay'.)

Sorry theres no picture today...I had the great idea of getting up this morning at 4am, and heading up into the mountains somewhere to find a stunning view of the sunrise, but it just wasn't in the cards, and when I woke up this morning after 10 hrs of sleep and still tired, I knew I'd made the right choice.



LoriLoo310 said...

Oh I know how you feel, I really and truly do. Imagine feeling like that for three months. It's no fun at all. Glad you made it home before you had to do the "public puke."

The Future said...

Which is why you should get a house in every city!! Think how great that would be.

Maybe we'll be up near Seattle soon...